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His post-sex behaviour, decoded

The vibe in the bedroom after sex can speak volumes about your relationship. Tune in to what your partner’s body language is telling you, and let it guide your next move.

Man spooning woman after sex

These four common habits are all ways you can understand what your partner might want — and not want — in the bedroom and out.

He’s up and at ’em

If he leaps up from bed to hit the shower or make a snack, don’t take it personally. He might just feel awkward about lingering with you. Sex is an exercise in letting down your inhibitions. It’s not easy to be completely vulnerable to another person in bed. Let his behaviour outside the bedroom determine if you should interpret this as a red flag or not. Is he insecure, or does he allude to any baggage from the past? Try getting him to open up — in a non-post-sex situation — to understand where his sense of unease might be coming from.

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He’s a cuddler

Lingering in bed together after sex is a surefire sign he wants to make the moment last. Pay attention to how he holds you. Does he hold your body close to his chest, face to face and near his heart? Or is he a spooner? Cuddling positions in which you’re faced away from each other allow your thoughts to wander and make conversation not as easy. If he has a tendency to favour one over the other, it might say something about how open he is willing to be.

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He’s a talker

If you both can launch into some playful banter after sex, it’s a sign that fun, laughter and comfort are high priorities in your relationship. Chatting freely together after being intimate shows he wants to explore your mind too. Be perceptive to his conversation tactics. Does he ask you questions? Tell stories about his childhood? Try to impress you with witty anecdotes? If the conversation turns serious post sex, he’s probably ready for a serious a relationship.

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He’s a napper

Rolling over and hitting the lights doesn’t necessarily mean he’s avoiding conversation or is uninterested in you. For one thing, it’s a sign you both just expended a lot of hot and heavy energy together, and he feels comfortable enough to completely let his guard down and fall asleep. As Ryan Phillippe said in Cruel Intentions, “This is the part where we reflect on what we’ve just done.” Retreating into your own little world after sex happens. Don’t take it personally if he’s not all over you. After sex, his body is zonked.

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