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Sex positions to try in your 20s, 30s and 40s

When it comes to sex in our relationship, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves in a rut, doing the same thing over and over. If you want more adventurous sex — and who doesn’t? — don’t assume that at your age you can’t try new things.

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Many positions can help you achieve better sex, better intimacy and prove to be a lot of fun.

In your 20s

Whether you’re newly married or still in the dating scene, sex in your 20s is all about finding out what works for you and trying new things — while being safe, of course. Experimenting to see what you like and don’t like is what the 20s are all about. Here are some must-try positions to figure that out.


This position is as fun as it sounds, and your flexibility will help out a lot. Have your man lie face up on the bed while you turn around and lie on top of him (your feet to his head). In this position, you can control pretty much everything and easily switch from intercourse to oral fun.

The ascent to desire

Definitely for someone with strong muscles, this is something you need to try at least once. Have your man stand with his knees hip width apart and lift you into his arms while you wrap your legs around his torso. This position is done standing up and can be fun to add into any sex routine.

In your 30s

At this stage in life, you’re likely juggling a career, a few kids and a marriage, which isn’t easy. It’s not uncommon for sex to take a back seat, but all that experimenting in your 20s will have paid off. You know what you like and don’t like, and you’ve learned how to communicate your needs more clearly. Since you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, these sex positions are perfect for the busy woman in her 30s.

The padlock (or sex on a table)

Climb onto a high table, counter or — if you’re super adventurous — the laundry machine. Lean back, supporting yourself with your arms behind you, while your man stands in front and holds on to your hips. This position is all about something new, something fun, and you can sneak away to any area of the house when you get a moment alone.

The reverse cowgirl

One of the more exciting positions, this allows for ultimate pleasure for both you and your partner. Have your man lie face up on the bed, legs extended. Kneel on top of him with your back to his face. This position gives you control and leaves your hands as well as your partner’s free to do whatever you both want.

In your 40s

Sex in your 40s can be more enjoyable than you might have thought. According to a study done by University of Texas psychologist David Buss, which appeared in the October 2010 issue of Personality and Individual Differences, married women in their 40s have more sex than do married women in their 20s. Since you’re likely to be having more sex, take the opportunity to test out these fun positions.

The rocking horse

Have your man sit upright on the bed, leaning against the wall and crossing his legs while you straddle him. This position allows you to be in close contact with each other, cementing the intimacy while putting you in control.

The splitting bamboo

A funny name but an effective position that will leave you both satisfied. Here, you lie face up on the bed, with one leg down and one bent upward at the knee. Have your man sit on your thigh and then place your bent leg up on his shoulder. This position leaves one of his hands free and both of yours free so you can touch and caress as well.

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