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Tips for meeting people in a new city

You’ve just packed up your whole life into boxes and transplanted it into a new city. Moving is stressful; you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and isolated. But you’ve got a whole community full of new friends at your fingertips; you just need to meet them! Here are a few tips for getting your social life started in a new city at every age.

Woman in pottery class

If you’re in your 20s

Join a Meetup group

There are Meetups geared toward every kind of person out there. Whether you’re into Scrabble, ballroom dancing or foreign films, a Meetup group exists for it. It’s all about rounding up a crew to enjoy an activity together. Be bold, and join a few, then pick and choose which events you want to head to.

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Sign up for a community class

Always wanted to become an expert at screen printing? Vegan baking? Knitting? Swing by a community centre, art gallery or Craigslist community, and see what your city offers in terms of classes on your desired field. Bigger institutions usually host ongoing classes that run for weeks at a time, whereas indie ones tend to offer smaller, one-off workshops.

Get outdoors

If your city boasts some great trails, check online see what kinds of events or public tours are offered. The same goes for community climbing walls, pools or gardens. Find your city’s area of specialty, and get active.

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Woman volunteering in park

If you’re in your 30s

Join a writers’ circle or book club

Heighten the enjoyment of reading by engaging in discussion about the works you discover. Literary groups appeal to a ton of different people. You might learn more from your fellow readers than you do from the books. If you’re a writer, having a community to workshop your work with is invaluable, not only for your work but for inspiration.

Get a museum or gallery membership

Big or indie, art galleries are community hubs that offer many ways to get inspired and meet like-minded people. Splurging on a membership means you get exclusive access to openings and events, which means you get to mingle with other art fans.


Whether you’re passionate about helping animals, youth or urban sustainability, your community will more than likely be happy to accept your helping hand in your desired sector. Stop by a community centre, or scope out the library message board, and see what kinds of groups are around.

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Group fitness dance class

If you’re in your 40s

Workout memberships

Get active the social way! Skip the gym membership in favour of joining a yoga studio or hiking club, or start training for a marathon. Working out with people boosts your motivation and enjoyment and gives you an excuse to go for frappés afterward.

Take a cooking class

Cooking classes are probably the most social classes you can take. Participants learn how to make a meal from the cuisine of their choice, then get to sit down and enjoy it with the class. What could be more fun than that? Scope out some cooking studios or community-focused restaurants near you.

Head to a wine or beer tasting

Local vineyards and breweries often have themed nights that include tastings and dinner, where attendees get a crash course in connoisseurship. Wine and beer enthusiasts are passionate folks and are always happy to introduce people to the culture.

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