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The perfect wing woman

Amanda Moulson

If there’s one thing Top Gun taught us, it’s that everyone needs a good wing man — or wing woman, in your case. When it comes to picking up men, what qualities must your friend possess to be the Goose to your Maverick?

girlfriends drinking champagne at bar

Nights out on the prowl can be tricky. After all, how many Saturdays have you gone out in your finest, working your best little black dress and smoky eye, only to end up back at home alone with no new numbers in your phone? Perhaps with the ultimate wing woman at your side, you could have a different outcome. So how can you help each other meet your mutual goals on the man hunt?


Know your objective

A night out with the girls and a night out on the prowl are different. We all love a gossip and a giggle, but don’t get so caught up in catching up that you forget to catch the eyes of the eligible bachelors in the room. Before you go out, agree that you will talk to a certain number of men, and don’t let each other get sidetracked.


Sign a non-compete clause

Agree that if a man walks into the room who interests you, you can mark your target and not have to duke it out with your friend. Don’t be stingy, though. If the sparks aren’t flying, give up lost causes to the greater good. It’s like that old golden rule: Do unto others as you’d have done unto you.


Judge not

Friends want the best for you, but sometimes their instincts to protect you cause them to be too judgmental about potential suitors. If they tell you someone is “not good enough for you,” take their opinions on board, but ask them to let you decide if you want to start a conversation before they stand in your way. A good wing woman always opens doors instead of closing them.


Be open

Men bear the burden of making the first move, so be sympathetic, open and approachable, both verbally and non-verbally. Face the room, have an accepting posture, and smile — and make sure your wing woman does the same. After all, any wing woman worth her salt knows that men are watching you. The more attention you get and the more open you are to it, the more others will notice and get involved in the game.

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Know when to leave

The best quality a wing woman can have is knowing when to make an exit and leave you to it. Pre-agree to some signals or code phrases, and make sure there are no hard feelings if you need to cut the cord for the night. Just make sure you stay in touch, know each other’s whereabouts and that you both get home safely, whether that night or the next morning.

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