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Spring: A good time to re-evaluate your weight loss efforts

Now that spring has officially sprung and Easter has passed, it’s a time of renewal, rebirth and re-evaluation in all aspects of life, including weight loss. Here are simple ways you can improve your weight loss results this spring.

No more weighting

How Spring can

boost weight loss

Now that spring has officially sprung and Easter has passed, it’s a time of renewal, rebirth and re-evaluation in all aspects of life, including weight loss.

In addition to spring cleaning your house, you can use this time to do a little spring cleaning and re-evaluating on your weight loss efforts. Here are four simple ways you can boost your weight loss efforts and get even closer to a slimmer and happier you.

Re-evaluate your eating habitsfood journal

Make an honest list of what you eat in one day or one week. Look at the types of food you eat, how often you eat and for any ingredients that shouldn’t be there but that creep back into your diet. Are you still using sugar in your coffee? Are you nibbling on chips between meals? Are you eating too little at breakfast, leaving you very hungry at lunch? Have you been filling up on carbohydrates instead of vegetables and protein? Writing down some of your meal choices in the past week will make you more aware of what you eat and how you can make some healthy changes this spring that will give you faster results in time for the summer.

Look at your social calendar

Do you eat out with friends more than three times a week? Is it possible to eat out less often and plan coffee dates instead to save money and skip the extra calories you might consume from eating out? Do all your social outings centre on food? If so, can some of your social get-togethers revolve around activities instead, like working out together or taking dance classes? One thing I’ve realized is that during the weeks when I hardly eat out, I feel lighter and less hungry than I do during the weeks I eat out more often. Balance your social calendar, and find things to do in a social setting that don’t require eating. With the warmer temperatures, you have more options to spend time with friends outdoors, either taking walks, jogging, playing tennis or even going on a healthy picnic. If you can’t avoid eating as often as you do, then choose healthier options on the menu.

Re-energize at the gym

Examine your workout routine, and look for areas that could use improvement. Your muscles get used to the same exercises, so look at how you can change your workout routine this spring and get better results. Challenge yourself to new fitness classes you’ve wanted to try. Ask a trainer to show you how to use equipment you haven’t used before. Do some yoga or Pilates. Bring some new, upbeat music to the gym with you for more motivation during your workout.

Renew your personal goals

Take time out from your busy schedule to think about your goals. Can you devote more time to achieving a healthy and active lifestyle? Are other areas of your life, like work or relationships, suffering or improving while you’re working on losing weight? Are you happy with your results, and has your self-image, confidence and body image improved? Thinking about why you want to lose weight and not just focusing on how much you’re losing or how much you still want to lose is very important to keep your mind, body and soul happy.

Whatever it is that you aim to work on, it’s important to step back from time to time and evaluate your feelings, not just your results. Getting caught up on or obsessed with a number on the scale is not healthy or productive. Remember to enjoy life now, while you work on being a healthier and happier you. It’s all about balance. Happy Easter!

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