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Easy relationship changes for major results

Having the successful relationship you want isn’t something you should have to dream about or go looking for. It’s something you can make happen right now.

Quick relationship tips
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Here are three simple changes you can put into action that will revolutionize your relationship.


Limit your social media contact with him

You don’t have to quit the Facebook message banter completely, but keeping your social media engagement with your man on a tight budget will spare you a lot of unneccessary trouble. Facebook and Twitter can be slippery slopes for jealousy, confusion and stoking your insecurities. Creeping him to find out what you don’t know about him totally isn’t worth the turmoil it causes. If you want to know something about his past, ask him. Then you’ll be able to hear it from him. You’ve heard it before: Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Prevent an internet communication breakdown between you and your partner before it even starts. Keep your talk real!

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Make a schedule

It sounds super unsexy and un-spontaneous, but keeping your relationship strong requires organization. If you don’t plan, things won’t get done. That goes for romantic hanging out, sex and “relationship housekeeping,” like figuring out finances, etc. Think you shouldn’t have to plan for a romantic night? Remember how your first dates happened? They took planning! It’s all part of the excitement. It’s the journey, not the destination, that’s often the best part. Plan fun outings together, mini vacays and weekend getaways. The planning process and the dates themselves will reinforce your commitment to each other.



It sounds counterintuitive, but fighting once in a while is actually necessary for a healthy relationship. Allowing yourself to get mad about something when it makes you mad will prevent the small issues from becoming huge, unmanageable issues. Harbouring negative feelings toward your partner, even in the darkest, most forgotten-about parts of your mind, is a surefire way to stoke fires of irritation until they grow into something totally unmanageable. Before you know it, you’ll snap on your partner for something completely unrelated, and you won’t even know why you’re really doing it. Don’t succumb to your desire to give him the silent treatment. It’s not constructive or mature. Allow him to know what’s bothering you and why so you can work it out. Then you both can get on with your relationship.

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