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Spring running gear to get you back on track

If your commitment to running lagged throughout the cold winter months, you aren’t alone. But now that warmer weather is on its way in, you can get back out on the roads and trails with the help of these fun and helpful products.



High-quality headphones

Whether you like listening to pop tunes or an educational podcast while you run, a good pair of headphones can help you really get in the zone. A high-quality set such as these Sony Active Series headphones (, $59) will sit comfortably in place no matter how intense your running gets and will help ensure you can tune into your distraction method of choice.



Colourful footwear

If there’s one piece of running gear that should be invested in above all others, it’s your shoes. The right pair of shoes can have you running comfortably and injury free, while the wrong ones can put unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints, making every jog painful and tiring. And it doesn’t hurt to pick out a pretty pair you can’t wait to slip on! Try on a few options, such as these cute and colourful Adipure Gazelle shoes (, $120), and find the right fit for you.

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Pretty arm warmers

Figuring out what to wear on a cool spring morning can be so complicated it’s enough to make you give up on going out for a run altogether. Fortunately that won’t be the case anymore once you have a pretty pair of arm warmers (, $32). Pair them with a T-shirt to keep your arms cozy when you first head out, and then take them off and tuck them into your pocket once you’re warmed up.



Nike+ running app

There’s an app for just about anything, and luckily for us that truth extends into the world of running. Keeping track of how well your training is going is made far easier with the help of the Nike+ running app. You can track the distance, pace, time, personal bests and frequency of your runs so you always know how you’re improving. And you can even post that you’re heading out for a run on Facebook or Path to receive real-time cheers from your friends and family.

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Relaxing roller

When you first get back out on the road, all those muscles you haven’t been using throughout the winter are going to be feeling the change. But don’t let that dissuade you from keeping up your commitment to running. A foam roller (, $40) can help alleviate the muscle and soft tissue tightness that starts popping up throughout your body, so you can feel better and keep up your training.



Arm band

From tracking your progress to blasting your favourite tunes, a smartphone can be useful in plenty of ways on your run. If you like to bring your cell along with you when you head out for a jog and want to ensure it’s easy to access but safely tucked away at the same time, an arm band such as this Amphipod ArmPod (, $35)might be just what you’re looking for.

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