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5 Ways to stop overeating for good

Overeating can leave you feeling heavy, bloated and stuck with unwanted extra pounds. As tempting as it can be to overindulge, there is a solution and your waistline will likely thank you for it.

woman eating small portions


Eat often

If you eat only two to three large meals a day, chances are you overeat at each of those meals because your body is overly hungry since it’s gone so long without food. To avoid this raging hunger, eat healthy snacks between meals. Not only will you eat less at each meal, but your more balanced diet will keep you from eating too much.


Skip on the bread

Though delicious, bread is a filler. It’s loaded with empty calories and fills you up more quickly. If you really love bread, you don’t have to say goodbye to it completely. Just eat less of it. Eat plenty of vegetables before turning to bread. If you save high-calorie foods for the end of the meal, you’re likely to eat much less of it, because you’ve filled up on light, healthy veggies instead.


Prepare smaller plates

Very often we overeat simply because the food is there and we don’t want to waste it. So prepare smaller portions for yourself. If you’re still hungry, grab seconds, but don’t start off with a heaping plate. Sometimes just seeing the food forces us to eat what we otherwise would not.


Drink plenty of water at each meal

Drinking water is as important for your health as is eating healthy food. You need plenty of water to stay hydrated, and drinking while eating will prevent you from eating too much. Just be careful to not substitute water for food. Aim for one full 8-ounce glass with each meal.


Slow down

Overeating is usually the result of eating too quickly. If you rush through your meal, your brain won’t get the “full” signal until you’ve already overindulged. Pace yourself, and make sure to swallow one bite before going for another.

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