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5 Ways to refresh your relationship this spring

When you’ve been with someone for a while, the passion can start to wane. To keep things spirited and fun, you need to put some effort into it. Try some of these ways to make your relationship feel new again.

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When you’re in a committed relationship, it’s very common for things to become same old, same old. It’s not necessarily bad that things hum along without bumps — both of you might be happy and content with most aspects of your partnership — but that fire and that excitement can fizzle. Even in the strongest partnerships, you have to work and put in effort to keep them running not just smoothly but with a spark.

While you’re spring cleaning and starting things with a fresh slate, take time during this season of renewal to give your relationship a refresh. Not sure how to inject fun and intrigue into it? Luckily many ways to do this are very achievable without breaking the bank.


Spend more time with other couples

Don’t get us wrong; spending time with other couples is not about keeping up with the Joneses. But when you hang out with other couples, you get a first-hand look at how they interact with each other, which could inspire you both to act more like them. For example, say a couple is much more affectionate in public, and you find that sweet. It might inspire you and your partner to behave the same way.


Change things in your tried-and-true routine

You have your favourite restaurant, and you like to catch the latest superhero flicks. While it’s fantastic that you have your beloved spots and common interests, shake things up. Try a new restaurant in a new neighbourhood instead of your usual dinner spot. Go see a comedy in addition to catching the latest Iron Man movie. Doing things like this gets you out of your comfort zone and keeps things eventful.


Try a new activity

You might already play tennis together and go to wine clubs, but take up a brand new hobby neither of you has ever tried. Trying a new activity will allow you both to learn and laugh together over the experience. You could, of course, introduce your partner to an activity close to your heart, but you run the risk of tense situations (think of how poorly it goes when a husband tries to teach his wife how to golf, for example).

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Go on a dream vacation

If you have the time and savings to do so, going on a trip that’s high on both your bucket lists is a fantastic way to inject some newness into your relationship. A holiday will take you out of your everyday environment, and having time off work will allow you to relax and focus on each other rather than the day-to-day tasks and errands we all get bogged down with. The breathtaking sights and experiences will become memories you’ll share together for the rest of your lives.


Fulfill a sexual fantasy

Have things between the sheets become routine? There’s no excuse for this. Talk about the things you’ve always wanted to try, and plan to experiment with them. If you have really busy schedules, then pencil it into your calendar. Making time to focus on your sexual passions is more important than spontaneity.

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