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5 Things happy women do every day

Guillaume Apollinaire said, “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” The man had a point. Being happy isn’t something to constantly strive for. It’s an attitude, one we have to practice every day. We share five daily habits that will amp up that positive mindset. Warning: Seriously good things will follow.

happy woman


Give thanks

Being thankful for what you have — from the roof over your head to your dog — is the only surefire way to appreciate life. No matter how crappy your day is going, adopting a positive attitude will change the way you see things, the way you respond to people and the opportunities you see arise. Being thankful puts things in perspective and keeps your priorities in check. Expressing gratitude in any way you feel compelled to is a way of expressing your love for life, and when you love life, it loves you right back.


Take chances

You know that “trapped” feeling you get when your routine gets too monotonous? It’s probably because you’re not breaking out of it often enough. When you live your life closed up in a box, you’re not allowing yourself to reach your full potential. Kick out the sides of that box, and explore! Take a new pal up on a coffee date, sign up for an art class or volunteer somewhere. Do what you’ve “always wanted to do” right now. Invite new dimensions in, and approach them like an explorer.

A great way to give thanks is to keep a gratitude journal. Here’s how to tune into the power of journaling >>


Put friends first

Happy people don’t measure their personal success in money, pounds or compliments; they measure it in joy. Spending time with our favourite people often gives us the boost we need. Friends inspire us, give us reality checks and make us laugh like preschoolers. We tend to deny ourselves social time when we get stressed in other areas of our lives, but shutting friends out is only fighting fire with fire. Find a functional balance between work and friends that allows you to give of yourself equally to both. You deserve to be happy!



Indulging in daydreams keeps you motivated and inspired. Living in the moment is important, but it’s also important to believe that anything is possible in your life. Dream big, and don’t ever allow yourself to think your dreams are unattainable for any reason. Nothing is impossible if you’re willing to work hard for it. Create a clear idea of your goals, and then use your smarts and efficiency to step toward their realization. Never lose the beautiful fantasy in the process! Hint: Vision boards help with this. Pinterest, anyone?

Need more reasons to meet up with a pal? Check out the health benefits of friendship >>


Random acts of kindness

What comes to mind when you think of random acts of kindness? Cruising around in a car, giving out free lollipops? Standing on a street corner, offering free hugs? A true act of kindness is one you believe in. Think of things you can do to brighten someone’s day a little, using who you are, what you have and where you are. Think of what you’d love a colleague to do for you, for example. Enjoy knowing that you just brightened another human’s day a little. They’ll feel a little brighter after that, and it’ll show in their actions. The chain of brightness affects way more people than just one.

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