4 Fun things to do as a couple this spring

If you’ve been spending your date nights curled up with your man in front of the TV to avoid the cold weather, it’s time to break out of that funk.

couple fishing at the lake

Spring is finally here, and we share some great ways to take advantage of the season as a couple.


Get out of the city

It’s easy to come up with excuses to stay close to home when the weather’s cold and cloudy, but once spring brings the sunshine and milder temperatures, there’s no reason to not do a little exploring. Although visiting a nearby park or trail can be fun, why not take a break from your usual surroundings and go somewhere new? Here in Canada, we are fortunate to have an abundance of free, natural space, and spring is the perfect time to see and appreciate more of it. Take a drive or a bus ride out of the city, and spend a day all to yourselves with no distractions. Go for a hike in the forest or have a picnic by the lake, and take a moment to appreciate your relationship as well as the fresh spring air.


Try a new activity

There’s no better way to bust out of your boring winter routine and jump into the spirit of spring than by trying new things as a couple. Spend some time outdoors throwing a Frisbee or flying a kite, or switch things up indoors by taking a new creative class or signing up for a new challenge at the gym. You’re sure to learn things about each other you never would have guessed, and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy yourselves as a couple in fresh and exciting ways. Spring is about rebirth, and with the right planning, it can mean a fun new change in your relationship as well.

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Plant a herb garden

You might not be able to start working on your outdoor garden until after the May 24 weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your green thumbs working now. Starting an indoor herb garden now will ensure you have all the tasty herbs you need to make flavourful, homemade dishes all spring long. Picking out the herbs you want and planning out the best way to display them will be a fun and creative project for you to take on together. Check out our easy 3-step guide to create a kitchen herb garden to get started.


Make a special spring meal

Spring’s arrival means many of the fruits and vegetables that have been costly or lacking in flavour for months are finally going to be fresher and more affordable. You might even be able to pick up some locally grown produce at a nearby farmers market. If the cold winter months have had you ordering in or resorting to heavy comfort foods, seize the opportunity to work with the many delicious spring fruits and vegetables this season has to offer. A fresh and fruity kale salad or a scrumptious Thai chicken stir-fry are just some of the many vibrant and flavourful meal ideas you can enjoy as a couple this spring.

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