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Are you waiting to lose weight to live your life?

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking you’ll be happier and more willing to try new things when you lose weight, you might be setting yourself up for failure. The imaginary picture of what your life could be after weight loss is not going to make you happy while you’re reaching your goal. Here are ways to stop waiting for the weight to come off, and start living life happily during your weight loss journey.

No more weighting

How waiting leaves

you in the in-between

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I’ll do this or that when I lose weight”? If so, keep reading. Many of us delay our lives thinking this way without even noticing it, including myself. I tell myself I’ll take that beach vacation when I drop some weight and am comfortable in a swimsuit, or I’ll be happier when I lose 15 pounds, or I’ll develop a better relationship when I lose weight, because then I’ll be more confident.

Tomorrow is not better than today

woman staring at calendar

We all know the saying “no one knows what tomorrow holds,” and it’s true. You might say, for example, that a few weeks from now, when you lose another 5 or 10 pounds, you’ll buy that dress you’ve been eyeing or you’ll go to that dance class you’ve been wanting to try. But why not do it today? What if a few weeks from now you get a really bad flu and can’t do anything for another week or so? What if, as horrible as this might sound, tomorrow doesn’t come? Would you regret not taking that beach vacation? Would you regret not getting that gorgeous dress you’ve imagined yourself wearing on a date? Would you regret not asking the cute guy at the gym out for a coffee? There’s absolutely no point to waiting to do something you’ve been wanting to do because you’re a few pounds heavier than you’d like to be.

Stop punishing yourself

What’s really scary, if you think about it thoroughly as I have, is that sometimes it actually might seem like you’re punishing yourself for your weight. By not doing something simply because the scale doesn’t agree with you, you’re using your weight as a barrier between you and little bits of happiness. You are essentially withholding happiness from yourself as punishment for being overweight. Isn’t that a scary thought — self-inflicted punishment? It’s almost as if you’re telling yourself you’re not good enough for something now but could be later. Imagine your partner telling you he’ll like you and tolerate you now but will really love you only if you change some habits later on. Would you stay in that relationship? If you answered no, then you’re starting to see what I mean. Love yourself enough now, and thank yourself for making the changes you’re making to be the best version of you possible.

Treat yourself for the little accomplishments

Some of you might read this article and think I’m being hypocritical. After all, I’m telling you to live your life now because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring and that you should be happy now, but then I’ll tell you to not eat all that chocolate, cheesecake and ice cream and to watch what you do eat. So which should you do if chocolate makes you happy? Surely I’m not suggesting you eat those five slices of cheesecake, because you shouldn’t punish yourself by withholding happiness, but have treats in moderation. For example, if you have a weakness for cheesecake and really want to treat yourself, have a slice once in a while, just not every day. Then balance that with some extra time at the gym and some extra salads and protein that week to make up for it. Furthermore, ask yourself what will make you happier: the cheesecake right now, or meeting your weight loss goals?

Go shopping now

Since you might find some of your clothes getting too large while you’re losing weight, there’s no reason to live the in-between stages in sweatpants and sweatshirts. If you’re waiting to go on a full-on shopping spree for when you reach your goals, that’s understandable, but you should still buy a few essential pieces for your wardrobe now. Why should you wait to look and feel good? Why not buy a pair of jeans and a few tops right now? You don’t have to spend a fortune if you think you’ll need smaller clothes in the near future, but don’t wait to feel and look good. You deserve at least that much and more — right now.

Be happier now

Whether or not you believe it, thinner people are not happier than people who carry extra weight. And there’s no reason happiness and contentment should only come from a mere number on the scale. If you’re single and waiting to lose some weight so you can spice up your dating life, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. Go out, flirt, and have fun regardless of what the scale says, because you are good enough right now as you are. If you’re married or in a relationship but haven’t worn some lingerie because you’re waiting to lose weight and surprise your partner, stop waiting. If you’ve been looking up beach vacations but are too timid to wear a bikini and would rather wait until you lose the weight to go on a trip like that, then you’re definitely doing yourself a disservice. Book that trip and go. Even if you decide you’re only comfortable wearing a modest bathing suit, guess what — you can take another vacation later on when you’ve lost the weight!

Part of losing weight and gaining back confidence is accepting and loving yourself right now and developing a positive mentality for the long run. If you lose the weight but retain a negative opinion of yourself and are in this constant state of waiting to be happy or waiting for something to happen, then you’ll never be fully happy, no matter what the scale says. Think, “I am awesome now, but I am going to work on myself to be healthier and even happier — mind, body and soul.” There’s really no reason to wait, so from now on, tell yourself this: “No more weighting.”

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