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Trend alert: Lagree Fitness workout

Pilates is often touted for its ability to aid in sculpting and toning your body, but there comes a point for many of us when a mat workout just doesn’t provide the results we desire.

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If you find your current workout routines aren’t challenging you enough, then you’ll be happy to hear of this cool new fitness workout that has just entered the Canadian market.

There’s a new workout trend hitting Canada this month, and it’s worth getting excited about. The Lagree Fitness workout, held by Studio Lagree in Forest Hill, Toronto, is an intense, 50-minute workout that has been dubbed “Pilates on crack.” And after trying it for ourselves, we can’t think of a more apt description.

How it got started


Sebastien Lagree started off as a Hollywood fitness professional, with advanced certifications in both weight training and Pilates. In an effort to make his workout routines deliver better results in less time, he set to work creating the ultimate piece of fitness equipment that would blend the holistic principles of Pilates with the cardio and strength elements missing from its traditional practice. Now the third generation of his unique creation, the Megaformer, is making its debut in Toronto. Celebrities such as Courteney Cox and Nicole Kidman are loyal users of Lagree’s one-of-a-kind system, and now Canadians have a chance to experience it too.

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Why it’s different

In your average Pilates class or strength training session, there tends to be a lot of resting time, and that doesn’t help you in terms of improving your fitness or working out in a timely manner. With Lagree’s unique machine, you’re able to keep your muscles consistently engaged, which leads to a greater calorie burn both during and after your workout.megaformer workout

Rather than hustling through reps, each lift and lower is done over the course of a minimum of four counts, and the movement is repeated for at least a minute. This allows you to continually engage multiple muscle groups and muscle fibres for maximum metabolic response. So if you’re a little surprised by the uncontrollable shaking in your arms, core or legs — as we were — don’t worry. That’s good, asserts Lagree. It means you’re engaging and tiring your various muscle fibres in a whole new way. And you’ll be stronger for it!

Definitely “not your mama’s Pilates”

This muscle-shaking, sweat-pumping workout is definitely no walk in the park. But you don’t have to be a Pilates pro by any means to try it out. The resistance provided by the Megaformer can be easily set to your particular needs in moments, so even beginners can use it. And you can alter it at any time throughout the workout, so you’re always able to work at your own comfort level and pace. Whether you start off as a beginner or as an experienced athlete, when you give a Lagree Fitness workout your all, you will feel it afterward. We certainly did! That’s because you’re pushing your muscles to failure with each intense, body-toning move. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?

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