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Yoga fashion to get you pumped to hit the mat

Yoga is a way to unwind and reflect on yourself and your life, and it’s a lot easier to reflect positively on yourself when you feel great inside and out. So rather than throwing on your old sweats the next time you head to the studio, dress yourself in some of these attractive styles.

lululemon yoga jacket

A cozy jacket

Many yoga studios can feel a little chilly when you first get started, and doing stretches while your muscles are still tight is never a good idea. That’s why having a nice, stretchy jacket to start off in and then remove when you’re ready is a good idea. This forme jacket (, $108) comes in a variety of stylish colours and will keep your body toasty until you’re all warmed up.

gap yoga skirt

Cute, stretchy skirt

When your body is twisted into awkward positions, you might not feel particularly ladylike. But with cute wardrobe choices such as this all-in-one skirt plus legging (, $79), you can inject a healthy dose of femininity into your workout wear. Who says you can’t get fit and feel girlie at the same time?

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gap jaya tank

Sexy tank

You might be sweating like crazy, but with the right shirt you can still look pretty darn sexy while you do. This Jaya tank (, $59) is positively eye-catching. It has built-in support so you don’t have to worry about finding a bra to wear underneath, and it has moisture-wicking properties, so sweat stains won’t be an issue. You can just throw it on and strut into the yoga studio with confidence.

flowy yoga under armour shirt

Flowy long-sleeve

We all have days when we feel a little bloated or uncomfortable, and when we do, putting on a tight tank isn’t all that appealing. That’s when having something a little more loose fitting, such as this women’s UA Flow long-sleeve (, $55), can come in handy. There’s no need to miss your morning yoga just because Mother Nature is being less than kind.

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rei yoga capris

The perfect capris

A good pair of capris is a staple for the yoga lover. They’re the ideal length for everything from warrior one to tree pose. But finding the right cut that’s both practical and flattering can be challenging. If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect style and fit, you must check out these prAna Alyson knickers (, $70). They’re a great blend of stylish and practical.

yoga convertible top

Bold tops

In your daily life you might be nervous about wearing bright colours and bold patterns. But there’s nothing to be afraid of when at yoga class, where you’re surrounded by fellow fitness enthusiasts who are there to have a good time and a great workout. So why not use this time as your opportunity to dress up in cute shirts such as this Prana Becca convertible top (, $69)?

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