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4 Activities you can do at the gym to feel sexier

This week I decided to look at the issue of confidence and feeling sexy during the weight loss journey. What better way to improve your confidence than by burning calories? Physical activity has benefits other than physical improvements. Below are some exercises that help tone your body while keeping your heart and mind happy, leaving you feeling sexy and confident all day long.

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gym activities to put

a spring in your step

What better way to improve your confidence than while burning calories? Physical activity has benefits apart from physical improvements, so here are some exercises that will tone your body, keep your heart and mind happy and leave you feeling sexy and confident all day long.

woman doing zumba


Growing up, I thought I couldn’t dance. I had horrible hand-eye coordination, and I couldn’t keep up with any fast dance moves. This left me shying away from the dance floor. Then I stepped into Zumba, and that feeling diminished with each step. Zumba is a dance-fitness class that combines salsa and international dance traditions and music. It’s a genuine feel-good, sweat-it-out class anyone with any dance experience can take and feel great about. Not only do you work up a sweat at a mild pace, but when your hips start swaying and you get over your shyness, you do begin to feel more confident and exude sexy with every step.

Step class

These classes are great because they use light weights that help tone your arms and strengthen your core at a low-intensity pace. Some coordination is also involved in these classes, so if you’re not big on dancing or Zumba, this is a good alternative. Not only do you get the coordination and encouragement in a group setting, but the upbeat music played in step classes makes for a fun and empowering environment in which to sweat it out. Don’t be surprised if you walk with a bit more spring in your step afterward.


Woman doing yoga

Besides strengthening your core and improving your posture, yoga offers lots of poses that actually make you feel stronger, confident and sexy. The warrior pose is my favourite. Not only does it help tone your legs and improve your posture, but you instantly feel fearless — and that confident feeling, practiced enough, continues to shine.


You know that awesome feeling you get after a really good workout? There’s no reason good old cardio on the treadmill or elliptical can’t bring sexy back. You do need some essential gear, though. The first is a workout playlist on your iPod — upbeat music with empowering lyrics that make you feel good and enhance your workouts. Not only does music get you pumped, but it makes cardio training more fun and gives you that drive to keep going. With that motivation you can be sure to bring your determination. When I say determination, I mean that energy that doesn’t leave room for dilly-dallying on the elliptical. So instead of cycling while flipping through a magazine, you’re cycling at a more intense pace, feeling like you can take on the world.

Mix it up

Whichever workouts or physical activities you decide to do, try not to get into a routine that leaves something to be desired. Mix up your workouts (working on different muscle groups), and don’t be afraid to try some of the fitness classes and machines. I was surprised to learn that I really enjoy Zumba despite feeling a tad silly trying to keep up with some of the dance moves. But the point is it was fun. Your workouts don’t have to be a chore or boring but something you can actually look forward to because of the way they make you feel emotionally and physically.

Here’s another tip to add a little oomph to your workouts: Wear workout clothes that make you feel good. If you have a nice pair of yoga pants that hug your curves beautifully or a cute T-shirt that makes you feel good, wear it to the gym. There’s no reason you shouldn’t feel comfortable and confident while you work out. Finally, when you catch yourself in the mirror, don’t be afraid to admire yourself and your hard work. You’ve earned it, ladies.

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