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Last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas

Oops! Forgot to plan your romantic evening out? Whether you didn’t get around to it or just stumbled upon the perfect date today, here are a few things you and your date can do for a romantic Valentine’s Day on the fly.

couple on Valentine's Day date

Prepare dinner at home

Whether or not you live together, a romantic dinner home for just the two of you is always a great choice for a Valentine’s Day date. It’s intimate, quiet, and you don’t have to make reservations. You can prep your dinner when you have more time on your hands during the week (like lasagna, for instance) and put it in the freezer. That way all you have to do on your romantic evening is pop it in the oven. Turn down the lights, light some scented candles to set the mood, and let the romance fill the air.

Do something outdoors

We know — it’s winter, and it’s pretty darn chilly out there. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying Mother Nature. All you need are warm clothes, a patio to sit out on and a firepit. You and your love can roast marshmallows and enjoy a quiet, relaxing evening together. Who says Valentine’s Day means dinner? You can enjoy the occasion any way you like.

Visit the ice skating rink

This super-romantic activity is not only one your date will love, but it’s perfect for anyone tight on time and tight on cash. Whether outdoor or indoor, holding hands and skating around the rink — as cliché as it might be — is a classic move.

Get into the bedroom

If your romantic life has been in need of a little spice, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give it a go. There are loads of hotels in the city, so you won’t have trouble finding an available room even at the last minute. Or turn up the heat in your own room. Send your roommates out or your children to their grandparents’ house, and reserve a few hours for lovemaking with your special someone. Don’t forget the mood-setting candles!

Make a personalized gift

If you forgot Valentine’s Day was coming and didn’t get a chance to buy flowers or candy, don’t sweat it. Your Valentine will be over the moon when they read your handmade card. Just be sure to put some effort into it and decorate it as nicely as you can. Print some photos from Facebook if you have to. And of course, write from the heart. Tell your Valentine why you love them and why they Valentine’s Day so special for you. Trust us: Anything from the heart beats out fancy gifts any day.

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