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5 Sexy conversation starters

Looking for a new way to spice up your relationship? Strike up a sexy conversation with your partner! Here’s how.

woman whispering in her dates ear

Intimate conversation is an art. Being able to start a sexy chat isn’t something that comes naturally to most couples, no matter how close you might be. Sexy talk can quickly lead to sexy action — your brain is your biggest erogenous zone! Here are five ways to get a sexy conversation started.


“Read me a page from…”

Reading aloud to each other is a great place to start if you want to open up a channel for sexy discussion but don’t know what to say. If you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey, you know how powerfully sexy books can be. Erotic fiction is a major aphrodisiac, so check out Anaïs Nin, Rachel Kramer Bussel or Anne Rice for some saucy titles. But don’t feel you have to stick with erotic lit for reading to each other to be sexy. Anything with lots of passionate, sensual imagery will likely get your wheels turning.


“Would you rather…”

This can be a fun way to understand each other’s preferences. Get creative! You’ll likely end up acting one of them out, cracking up or both! Here are some ideas: “Would you rather always have the lights on or off?” “Would you rather have sex in the morning or evening?” “Would you rather be kissed on the ___ or the ___?”

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“It was super hot when you…”

Recapping your sexiest memories of your partner can open up another dimension of your sex life. Be bold and tell your partner what you love most about his bedroom style. It’s encouraging, builds up his sexual confidence and lets him know what you like. It’s a win-win situation. He’ll likely reciprocate too!


“Have you ever…? I’ve always wanted to…”

This is a fun way to get to know each other’s pasts a little better and share your fantasies. You’ll definitely find out what your partner might be able to teach you or what you might be able to teach him. Especially if you’ve both led colourful lives, this is a great way to flaunt your feathers.

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“Want to know what made me think of you today?”

Sharing an anecdote about your day and how your partner made his way into your mind will make him feel special. Plant an image in his mind of you trying on a skirt in a dressing room and wishing he could run his hands over it, for example. Make it as sexy as you want. The more specific, the better.

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