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Break out of a boring bedroom routine

If you’ve fallen into a less-than-thrilling routine in the bedroom, make an effort to break out of the rut! Here are five simple ways to change it up. You and your partner won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

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5 ways to spice things
up in the bedroom

When things get stale in the bedroom, it can take the magic out of your whole relationship. Reach out to your partner; re-igniting the spark is a team effort. Shaking up your routine is a matter of adopting a different perspective and seeing each other in a new light. You might even discover a new side of yourself in the process. Here are five ways to break the routine.


Find your shared definition of pleasure

Go on a pleasure-seeking mission with your partner. Brainstorm all the things you each take pleasure in, so you can enjoy them together. The more sensual, the better. Take a life drawing class, go to a wine or beer tasting, or take a daytrip to a winery. Anything that awakens all your senses. Celebrate your favourite pleasures together, and you’ll rediscover it in your relationship.


Rearrange your bedroom

A great way to bust out of a boring routine is to change the environment around you. Make your bedroom your love nest. Take out the screens — no TVs or laptops. Add lots of cushions for harem-style comfort. Move in iPod speakers so you can play your sexy playlist. A little ambience makes a big difference, so get a dimmer for your light switch, and stock the room with candles. Stick a red light bulb into a lamp for an intimate glow.

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Love your body

Taking the time to love yourself inside and out has a huge impact on your relationship. Love your body like you love your partner’s. It often takes a brush with death for people to start appreciating their own bodies. Don’t wait; make the day you start loving yours today. Sure, there may be a few things you’d change about it, but chances are it’s pretty darn perfect the way it is. Celebrate it! Make it part of your routine to get a spa treatment, or set aside time to do a DIY one.


Random acts of kindness

Nothing reassures your partner like a random act of kindness every once in a while. Being confident in all areas of your relationship requires a feeling of security. Foster that certainty in your partner by surprising him with a coffee at work, baking a batch of his favourite cookies or cooking him breakfast on a regular weekday. All the little ways you say “thank you for being you” will make him feel awesome.


Relive the early days

Recreate your first date, visit the spot where you had your first kiss, or slow dance to a playlist of your songs. Celebrating the beginning of your romance will remind you both how far you’ve come in creating a trusting bond. That’s something to celebrate.

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