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Love online: Relationship bloggers we love

Whether married, divorced, single or otherwise, we all need a little love advice from time to time. When that time comes, you can count on these bloggers for wise tips and humorous observations to help get you through those tough challenges.

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My Dating Prescription

What does a therapist prescribe when your husband returns from a two-week vacation not wearing his wedding ring and announces he wants a divorce? In the case of the author of My Dating Prescription, it was to get back out there and start dating again, and that’s exactly what this 43-year-old mother of three is doing. If you’re looking for an honest and hilarious take on what it’s like to dive back into the dating world after marriage and kids, this is the blog for you.

Project: Happily Ever After

Admitting your marriage isn’t going as well as you dreamed isn’t easy, but Alisa at Project: Happily Ever After knows from personal experience that it’s OK to have such feelings and that there are things that can help. On her blog, she not only discusses some of the secrets to a successful marriage that she’s discovered along the way, but she also delves into how to achieve balance, spirituality and happiness in all areas of your life. Whether you need marriage advice or just a little inspiration to get you through your day, Alisa’s blog is worth checking out.

Blog with Benefits

Jessica at Blog with Benefits jokes that the world doesn’t need another dating blogger. And if she still has any doubts, we’re here to say that hers is a blog we definitely do need. Her no-holds-barred approach to discussing dating, love and all the not-so-Prince-Charmings that pop up in between is always fresh and insightful. Jessica not only shares her experiences in the dating realm but also features stories readers share with her, so you get a broad spectrum of what people all over the world are dealing with when it comes to love. She offers sound advice and hilarious tales that are always worth a read.

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City Girl

As a university professor of sexuality and social media and as a breast cancer survivor and advocate, Stef Woods began her blog, City Girl, as an outlet to tell of her adventures in dating and relationships. Diverse and eye-opening, the blog has since evolved and touches on a wide range of topics, from pregnancy to sexuality. Stef’s honest and insightful takes on issues facing women today are always captivating to read, and she’s never afraid of broaching hot topics. She answers readers’ questions, discusses relevant trends and captures our attention from post to post.

Single Mom Seeking

Rachel at Single Mom Seeking might no longer be a single mom exploring the ups and downs of dating post-baby, but her 10 years of playing the field taught her a lot about the challenges that come with being a single mom. She shares what she has learned as a way to help other mothers in similar situations, and she also discusses the relationship journeys of friends, readers and other bloggers. Rachel’s insights on the challenges that can come our way and how we can overcome them and get to a better place always make for great reading.

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Got any other relationship blogs you can’t get enough of? We’d love to hear your favourites!

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