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Year of the Snake: What does that mean for your love life?

Chinese New Year is right around the corner, which means it’s time to celebrate. The year of the Snake could do wonders for your love life this year, and we’ll tell you why.

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Could this be your
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A good year for relationships

The year of the Snake symbolizes many things, but in the romance department (obviously everyone’s main concern), the news couldn’t be better. This is a great year for relationships. If you’re already in one, this year will be a good time to work on that relationship and develop better communication. All you put into your relationship during the year of the Snake will better it and help you grow closer together.

Love is in the air for singles

Still looking for your soulmate? This year might be the year you two finally meet. The year of the Snake is said to be a good year for budding relationships as well as a year in which new relationships can easily move up to the next level.

No negativity!

It is said that the year of the Snake can bring about changes for many couples, like moving into a new home, getting married or starting a family. Chinese fortune also says that those changes can’t bring negativity to your household. This is a good year for change, because it will bring you and your love closer than ever before.

Character traits of the Snake lover

If you were born in the year of the Snake, there are a few things you should know about your character that might help you create better relationships. For starters, lovers born in the year of the Snake tend to be very jealous, and often without reason. Understanding your behaviour is the first step in changing it. Someone born in this particular year is usually very committed and very loyal; however, they have a hard time expressing their feelings. Do your best to let your partner (or potential partners) know this is something you struggle with, as such information can help your partner understand and assure them that the general standoffish nature of the Snake isn’t something they should take personally.

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