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Valentine’s Day gift guide for guys

Valentine’s Day is no longer just for the ladies! Guys await the love holiday with just as much excitement as we do, and although men are usually the ones to lavish us with flowers, chocolates and teddy bears, here are just a few guy-approved, affordable Valentine gifts he’ll go guy-ga over.

olympus digital camera

Something fun

By something fun, I mean anything electronics oriented. Yes, guys love their electronics, and while Valentine’s isn’t meant to be Christmas, you can still give your man a gift that’s technological, fun and romantic (in a way). This Olympus VG160 digital camera (, $98) will keep him occupied as well as capture all the wonderful moments you and him have together.

h&m button down shirt

Something fashionable

OK, so this gift might be a little more for you than for him, but guys secretly love to look good for their girlfriends, and this gift will help your man cut down the process of searching for something to wear for Valentine’s dinner. Find out his shirt size, and buy him a colourful shirt like this long-sleeved button-down in coral (, $30). If his style isn’t preppy button-down shirts, no problem; an iconic band tee or simple white T-shirt will do.

popcorn maker

Something sweet (or salty)

Men love food — simple as that. So get your guy something he can use on his own without fearing he’ll burn down the kitchen. From pressers to grillers to juice makers, appliances are good gifts. This handy, easy-to-use popcorn maker (, $23) will satisfy his salt cravings as well as make the perfect addition to your Friday movie nights.


Something sexy

Yes, it’s the best gift of them all — lingerie! Even if he doesn’t actually receive a fancy gift, your guy will be ecstatic to see you in some sexy underthings. Keep in mind your relationship level and how comfortable you are to wear sexy pieces in front of him. One piece that’s both comfortable and sexy is this light lilac baby doll with pink trim (, $45). And if you’re self-conscious about your body, don’t be — your guy thinks you look great in anything and everything!

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