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5 Unique Valentine’s Day date ideas

Looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a less traditional way this year? Skip the romantic dinner, and partake of one of these unique activities. You’ll not only avoid crowds, but you’ll make some fun memories.

valentine's day date

Who says Valentine’s Day has to consist of chocolate, flowers and dinner reservations? No couple should feel obligated to celebrate in a specific way just because it’s the norm. Spend the day of love however you and your partner want. Here are five creative Valentine’s Day date ideas to experience a completely unique and memorable night.

Take a tasting tour of your city

asian takeout

Rather than having a traditional sit-down dinner, take a tasting tour of your city on foot. Decide on a theme, do your research, and plan to stop at all the places near you that serve the food of your theme. Choose foods that are as off the beaten track as you can if you want to avoid crowds (for example, samosas, empanadas, Korean pancakes, etc.). Take lots of pictures to document your escapades.

See a cult film

If you and your partner are up for a raucous evening, go see a cult film screening. If you’ve never been to one before, prepare for a completely wacky movie experience. Cult movie screenings usually take place at midnight and are host to people of all kinds, who often shout and throw things at the screen. Check out which indie cinemas near you have any on deck, and laugh your faces off at a classic like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Big Lebowski or The Room.

Plan a DIY spa night

Take all the stress out of Valentine’s Day, and indulge each other with a night of pampering. Arrange a playlist of relaxing music, deck out your bathroom or bedroom with candles and incense, and take turns giving each other full-body massages, pedicures, manicures or facials. Even if your guy fancies himself a manly man, he’ll love the way his skin feels after some proper TLC. Who knows? You might even start a weekend tradition.

Take a life drawing class together

pencil and paper

A life drawing class is a sensual and cultural treat. Practice your sketching chops at a local gallery, or keep an eye out for bars or restaurants that hold life drawing events (some even hold them with wine and cheese tastings). Appreciating the beauty of the human form together is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Go to an open mic night

Open mic nights are cheap and cheerful ways to spend the night out. Comedy clubs and bars usually have a cheaper cover charge for these nights, and the entertainment can be just as good as the pros’. Discover some local hidden gems you can spread the word about.

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