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Shed pounds in the bedroom with these sexy tricks

Gyms are overrated anyway! Burn your calories and maybe carve some abs with these tips for the bedroom.

Sensual couple

OK, so we all know sex can get a decent sweat going, but how many calories do actually you burn? What else can you do to lose some extra weight in bed?

A proper make-out sesh

Surprisingly, kissing has weight-loss benefits — and not just from swapping spit. Simple kissing not only brings you closer as a couple but also burns off a whopping 70 calories per half-hour. That’s correct. Just from kissing.

Amp it up a notch to a full-blown make-out session, and you’ll be burning off — wait for it — upward of 200 calories per half-hour! The movement, breathing and anticipation of the act have a tremendous effect on your body. So, we say start with some kissing, and then bring it home with a make-out sesh. You’ll burn more calories than you would at the gym.

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Remember foreplay

You can do this following a make-out session or just randomly. Instead of jumping into the touchy-touchy dance, why not start with a massage? That’s right — a nice, sensual massage will not only arouse your partner but can burn over 70 calories every hour. Not too shabby…

You can keep the excitement going by taking your clothes off, which burns an extra 10 calories. Undressing your partner using your mouth or teeth will melt even more weight — over 50 calories per article of clothing! It’s tough to manage, but it’s totally worth it.

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Time to mix it up

Fun fact: Sex boosts your immune system and lowers blood pressue. True story!

Get in bed, on a table, on the couch, in the bathroom — wherever! A romp in the sack burns over 130 calories per half-hour; that’s pretty decent. Throw a couple of moans and sighs in there to burn off an extra 15 calories.

The easiest way to burn calories during sex is to find challenging positions. Look for ones that require standing, a lot of movement or some amateur acrobatics; they will melt away that extra pound or two.

Pleasuring your man using your hands will take off a respectable 50 calories every half-hour, while oral sex will burn double that in the same amount of time. Choices, choices!

While it might not seem like much, these things add up. A well-rounded stay in the bedroom should burn off your lunch, no problem. We’re not saying weight loss should be your motivator, but it’s definitely a great perk. So go! Connect with your partner, and have some fun.

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