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Trend alert: Suspension yoga

If you love the feel yoga gives your body and mind but are tired of your usual routines, suspension yoga might be just the kick your exercise routine needs.

suspension yoga

Doing yoga poses and more while suspended from fabric hanging from the ceiling will get your body moving in completely new ways.

How did the trend start?

In 2005, Sarah Kellett was trying out different forms of rehabilitation to treat injuries she had sustained from a car crash. Her background in athletic therapy and yoga led her to play around with the ancient practice of inversion and traction therapy known as kurunta (meaning puppet in Sanskrit) — a practice that goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. After discovering that this new form of therapy not only aided her rehabilitation but also granted her greater strength and flexibility than ever before, Kellett decided to share this new form of healing with her community. In 2006, OmGym LLC was founded, and since then her unique OmGym® Suspension System has been spreading throughout the world.

What is suspension yoga?

The OmGym® Suspension System features a sling made of 100 per cent recycled nylon parachute material that is suspended from the ceiling. It comes complete with three sets of handles and a cushion insert for greater versatility and comfort in the postures. Using yoga poses as a base, suspension yoga lifts you off the ground, where movement possibilities are endless. Certain moves improve your strength, others aid in flexibility, and some are ideal for blood flow and relaxation. When you spend so much of your day sitting at a desk or standing in line, hanging upside down can be just the energizing change your body needs!

Where can you do suspension yoga?suspension yoga

Suspension yoga might be relatively new on the scene, but the benefits it offers are causing its popularity and presence to spread. In September 2011, Beatrix Montanile opened the first Canadian suspension yoga studio in Toronto, The Flying Yogi. Since then, partnering with Sarah Kellett, Montanile has held several instructor training courses, and with more instructors comes more locations and possibilities for you to try out this new trend. So look for an instructor and classes near you.

Who can do suspension yoga?

Montanile stresses that men and women of all ages can benefit from suspension yoga with the OmGym®. You don’t require any previous yoga experience to learn and have fun at an introductory course. You can earn the benefits of joint decompression, postural alignment, brain oxygenation, spinal rebalancing and more regardless of your skill level. Whether you want to tone, strengthen, decompress or just have fun, consider testing out this fun new trend!

Photo courtesy of The Flying Yogi

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