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5 Weight loss tips that actually work

Looking to lose those unwanted holiday calories? Ditch the fad diets, and try these safe and effective weight loss tips to shed pounds quickly!

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Eat more often

No, we don’t mean eat more, just more often. Instead of binging on one or two large meals a day, break it up. Eat three small meals a day, and eat healthy snacks between each meal, such as crackers, peanuts, raw vegetables and fruits. Eating more often will speed up your metabolism and prevent you from indulging in unhealthy snacks to satisfy your hunger.


Never skip breakfast

The best way to lose weight is to eat your protein-rich foods earlier in the day and leave the lighter foods for the evening, when you won’t be as active. Plus, a healthy breakfast will fill you up and give you more energy for the day ahead. egg in pan


Prepare your lunch the night before

Too often we turn to fast food and vending machines because the day is just too busy. Pack a lunch the night before, and load it with healthy, protein-rich foods like almonds, sliced red bell peppers, fruits and granola snacks. That way, whenever you get hungry, you can turn to a light snack that will satisfy your hunger. Satisfying your appetite without overindulging is a great way to stay healthy and lose unnecessary weight.


Don’t cut out sweets entirely

The more sweets you eat, the more weight you will gain. But that doesn’t mean you need to set unrealistic goals or cut out the sweet stuff entirely. Make time once a week for a small taste of sweets. If you hold out on your favourite snacks for too long, you’re more likely to binge. Instead, indulge in the taste from time to time; don’t overdo. Limit yourself to one of two spoonfuls of dessert. You’ll notice that if you stop there and wait 10 minutes, your craving will be satisfied.



The biggest mistake we make is expecting a new fad diet to fix our weight problems. When our goals are not achieved, we give up and revert to our old ways. A combination of healthy eating and moderate, regular exercise is the perfect recipe for healthy and successful weight loss. Plus, the results will continue to keep you motivated.

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