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Get-fit resolutions to make now

There are so many areas in which to set goals for the new year, but if you want to make fitness a priority in 2013, check out these New Year’s resolutions you can start on right away.


Try one new class a month

With so many classes out there to keep you interested, motivated and learning new things, why not make a commitment to try out one new class a month this year? Yoga, Pilates, tai chi, kick-boxing, step, spinning, Zumba, hip hop, salsa and aquafitness are just some of the many classes you can test out. If your gym doesn’t offer anything, look around for independent studios in your area. With so many options are available to you, make a resolution this year to check out a few of them!

Make a new friend at the gym

You’ve likely heard how beneficial it can be to have a workout buddy, but if none of your friends live in the area or belong to the same gym, it can be challenging to find someone you can rely on. Fortunately there are many fun and interesting people at the gym who are also eager to make new friends, so make it a goal this year to introduce yourself to a couple of people you meet in class. What have you got to lose? Worst-case scenario, someone isn’t looking to socialize, and you move on to chat with someone else. Finding someone you can look forward to seeing at the gym is a great motivator to get yourself there.

Start each day with a healthy breakfast

Mornings in many homes are hectic, so it’s understandable that you might occasionally reach for something that’s lacking in nutrition or even miss breakfast entirely. But that’s no way to give yourself the energy you need to get fit! Instead, whip together one of these quick and easy under-400-calorie breakfasts that will fuel you up in a jiff.

Train for something new

Having a specific goal you want to work toward is a great way to ensure you keep chipping away at that resolution you’ve set. And it’s never too soon to start slowly building up to a particular event. So whether you want to try your first 5 km or think you might even be able to work up to a half marathon by summertime, pick a specific race you want to train for, and go for it.

Keep a log

Nothing helps ensure you’re on track to achieving your fitness goals like logging them. If you prefer to keep your workout plans to yourself, make a note of how you’re doing in a journal. Or if you prefer having the support of others, consider starting a blog that tracks your progress and lets your family, friends and soon-to-be blogger buddies know how you’re getting along. Having something concrete you can look at to see how you’re doing will go a long way toward helping you be successful. Plus, even if you get busy and lose sight of your goals, you can always come back to them later and get right back in the swing of things when you’re able.

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