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What to do when your busy life becomes too much

While your life is likely busy anytime of the year, certain times, such as the holiday season, might add extra strain and stress to your life. Here are a few ideas on how to handle it all.

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Take a break

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a seemingly endless list of tasks and obligations, it’s important to take a step back, and just breathe. Taking a mental break will help you regain your perspective, remember your priorities and refresh your spirit so you can start making positive changes to your schedule.

Focus on your priorities

What are you going to remember about this time of your life? Are you so focused on getting everything done that what’s really important to you is getting lost? Not everything in your life will have the same priority, so take time to decide what can be deferred or perhaps even eliminated completely to allow you to focus on what is the most meaningful to you.

Learn to say no

Many people hesitate to say no, as they believe it might reflect badly on them, but declining to add another commitment to your already full schedule is not a sign of disinterest or inability. It simply means that right now you can’t take on something new. Be honest with yourself, and if you feel overwhelmed, stressed or even bothered by the request, simply say no, then move on.

Enlist some help

No one ever said you had to be a one-woman show! We all need a little help from time to time, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Think of the people in your life who can help out or even take on some of your responsibilities. Perhaps your family could do more chores, such as your teen baking the cookies for the bake sale, or you could start a neighbourhood carpool to take the kids to hockey practice. Or consider hiring help, such as a housecleaning service or snow removal company, to reduce your workload.

Try single-tasking

It might not always be possible, since we are often juggling many things, but instead of multi-tasking, simply focus on one thing at time. Attempting to do too many things at once can clutter the mind and leave a person frazzled, so try doing one thing, keeping yourself fully present in the moment while doing it. Whenever possible, finish the project at hand, since unfinished tasks tend to add to our stress levels.

Watch your health

Keeping yourself healthy will go a long way to combatting the stress often associated with a busy life. Proper nutrition, a good night’s sleep and regular exercise all play key roles in our overall health and well-being, so even in all the hustle and bustle of your life, make sure you take the time you need to take care of yourself.

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