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5 Fun fitness trends to try

At this time of year there seems to be added pressure to get fit so you can look great at all the holiday parties you’ll be attending. But dragging yourself to the gym to do workouts you don’t enjoy is no way to go about it. Instead, get in shape with one of these fun fitness trends.



When you step into a Zumba class, you step into a whole new kind of energy. It isn’t about who can lift the most weights or who can hold a plank longest. It is genuinely about having fun. Zumba combines many kinds of dance with aerobics to give you an incredible cardio workout. But when you’re constantly learning new moves and dancing up a storm, you won’t even notice how hard your body is working. And that means you can burn calories and work up a sweat with ease!

Suspension yoga

If you enjoy the benefits of yoga but are bored with your usual classes, suspension yoga may be just what you’re looking for. Rather than doing all the moves on a mat, you do them in the air, suspended by fabric such as the OmGym system. When was the last time you hung around upside down? We spend so much time standing, sitting and lying down that turning things upside down can have incredibly positive effects on our bodies. Suspension yoga can stretch your muscles and relax your mind in a whole new way. Fitness centres and yoga studios are slowly getting in on the trend, so look around your area to find a class near you.

Tai chi

At first glance tai chi may seem simple and unchallenging, but taking just one class will give you a very different perspective. It’s a form of martial art, but unlike other martial arts, it focuses on your inner strength rather than your strength over another person. Focusing your mind on the movements of your body can calm your mind and give you a new sense of clarity that will stay with you throughout your day.


OK, so the first time you try a CrossFit class, you might categorize it as “deadly” rather than “fun.” But the satisfaction you’ll get from how hard you push yourself will keep you going back for more, especially because the classes tend to pack huge amounts of exercise into a small amount of time. CrossFit is a very high-intensity workout that boosts your calorie burn, and it stresses functional movement so you can reap the rewards of your hard work in your day-to-day life.


Kick-boxing is an incredible workout for your entire body. Between kicking, punching and squatting, your arms, legs and abs will all feel the burn the next day. But even better than the physical effects is how therapeutic it can be. By focusing your body and your mind on a target, you have an opportunity to channel your strength and genuinely feel powerful.

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