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How to maximize your at-home workout

With the cold winter not too far around the corner, the mere thought of going to the gym is enough to keep you stationed on the couch. Here’s how you can sneak in some exercise at home this winter.

Woman shoveling snow

Shovel the snow

There is definitely nothing fun about shovelling the snow. Unfortunately in Canada, it comes with the territory. Instead of hiring someone to remove your snow, bundle up, and grab a shovel. You’ll be motivated simply by the fact that the work needs to get done. Plus you can do this with your man and your children, so you’ll be spending time together too. Just remember to always lift with your knees, not your back. You’ll find this useful activity will give your entire body a great workout and will make for some quality time with the family.

Work your muscles while watching television

If your favourite show is on, don’t rush to the comfy couch. Instead, grab an exercise mat, and do squats, lunges or crunches. You’ll be so distracted by your show that you’ll hardly notice the work your body is doing. Plus you won’t have to sacrifice any time; you’ll just be making more efficient use out of it.

Go up and down the stairs

If you have laundry to put away, instead of trying to carry it all up at once, break it up into several piles, and bring one pile up or down the stairs at a time. Walking up and down the stairs repeatedly will work out those legs, help you shed some extra calories and will count toward some of your daily cardio activity. The best part? You can get fit while wearing your favourite, comfy pyjamas.

Ditch the electric mixer

Instead of depending on the electric mixer to put in the elbow work for you, use your hands or an old-fashioned whisk or wooden spoon for mixing. While you won’t exactly get pumped up with this activity, it’s still an effective way to get active, burn extra calories and exercise your heart. This is a great activity for moms on-the-go and anyone looking to just feel more active and less sedentary.

Walk to meet friends

Who doesn’t want a weekly get-together with the girlfriends at their favourite coffee shop? Instead of hopping into the car, bundle up, and walk to the local cafe. If you’ve made a commitment to meet friends, you’re less likely to opt for couch night instead. Even a short 20-minute walk is good for your health. Plus you’ll feel way less guilty about ordering that piece of pie if you know you’ll be walking home to burn off some of the calories.

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