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Movember matters

Now that it’s November, we’ll start to see those attractive moustaches growing on our partners.

It’s Movember!
woman and man with mustache

While it may look great on the iconic soap opera character Victor Newman, the sight of a moustache may make some of us cringe. But it’s important to know the significance behind the moustache, so we shed some light on Movember and why you should support your partner’s moustache this month.

What is Movember?

November has men sporting their “mo’s” across Canada and around the world to promote awareness and raise funds for men’s health issues, especially prostate cancer and male mental health concerns. Men who want to participate register on with a clean-shaven face.

The rest of November has the “Mo Bros” growing, grooming and showing off their lovely moustaches, while the “Mo Sistas” — the women in their lives — support them patiently. Mo Bros become walking advertisements for the rest of November by promoting awareness publicly and privately about men’s health issues. Once they’ve registered and created an account on, Mo Bros can ask sponsors and donors to go to the website and donate money for men’s health research. Most Mo Bros take a photo of their moustaches every day of November and share these on their social media pages, simultaneously entertaining their friends and further promoting awareness. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas often celebrate the end of the month with a Movember party or by attending one of the Gala Partes held around the world by Movember.

Creating awareness and education

According to research cited by, men die five to six years younger than women on average, and suicide rates are four times higher for men than women, while more than five men die each hour from potentially preventable diseases. Research on also indicates that a healthier diet and lifestyle could prevent up to half of male cancer cases. Changing the way men think about their health and taking preventative measures are two of the main goals Movember’s Awareness & Education program is working hard to achieve.

Where the funds go

The funds raised in Canada this Movember go to support men’s health programs directed by Movember and Prostate Cancer Canada, particularly initiatives for prostate cancer prevention and male mental health. Prostate Cancer Canada and Movember work together to ensure the money raised goes to world-class programs such Movember’s Global Action Plan and the Canadian Male Health Network.

Are the moustaches making a difference?

When a usually clean-shaven man suddenly starts sporting a moustache, questions arise, and conversations are sparked. Are men learning about their own health and making changes themselves? According to research done by, the answer is yes. Global Movember research finds that 77 per cent of people first heard about Movember through word of mouth, while “90% of participants spent time thinking about improving their health, 75% of discussed their health with family, friends or colleagues during Movember, 35% understood that their health depends on how well they take care of themselves, [and] 48% carried out personal research on men’s health issues during Movember.”

This research shows that the attractive Movember moustaches and the Mo Bros in our lives are actually making a difference, but there is still work to be done in promoting awareness and encouraging men to be more responsible about their health.

To learn more about Movember Canada or to make a donation, please visit

On behalf of SheKnows Canada, good luck to all the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas out there who are changing the face of men’s health.

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