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Bust calorie-burn boredom: 5 ways to make fitness fun

Even the best intentions to put fitness first can unravel when boredom sets in — which can happen at any time. To help ensure you hit the gym regularly, we put together some simple but effective ways to make your workouts more fun.

woman playing volleyball

Join a team

Joining a team (soccer, volleyball, hockey, etc.) is a great way to add a little excitement to your weekly workout. Take a look at your local listings to find some teams in your area that are accepting new members and that hold practices during times you’re available. The team spirit of taking the field as a group plus the adrenalin from playing (and ideally, winning) games should be enough to keep you going. Even practicing or playing once a week makes a nice reprieve from your regular workout.

Start a running group

While some people thrive on jogging solo, others can’t wait for the last lap to finally be over because they’re so bored. If you like the idea of jogging to stay fit (it’s easy and affordable) but get bored within the first five minutes, why not enlist some like-minded friends to make things more fun? Having two or three pals to run with can take the edge off any potential boredom and give you a chance to catch up while burning calories. Add in a stop at a juice bar or coffee shop for a healthy post-run beverage to further boost motivation.

fitness ballSchedule gym “dates”

It’s easy to skip the gym due to boredom when you have no one to answer to. Put a stop to that problem by scheduling gym dates with friends. Not only will you have someone to work out with, but you can’t stay in bed or go shopping instead of working out when someone’s waiting for you!

Mix things up

Four or five days a week of any activity, whether it’s swimming, running or Pilates, can get old fast. Rather than focus on just one activity, create a fitness schedule that includes at least two, plus one wild card per month (a new class, a hike, a race, for example). That way you’ll avoid boredom and keep your body working hard. The more used to an activity your body gets, the less effective that activity becomes.

Shake things up with a new class

Boredom stems from falling into a rut, which can happen when your workout consists of the same thing every time you set foot in the gym. Rather than your usual 45 minutes on the treadmill or early-morning jog, inject some energy into your get-fit routine by trying something totally new. Whether it’s Zumba, a barre class (ballet-inspired fitness), CrossFit or an interesting cardio class you’ve been meaning to check out, adding even one new activity to your routine can help alleviate boredom.

quick tip:

Taking up a new fitness-based hobby can also help kick-start your calorie burn. Think about martial arts, snowboarding or even indoor rock climbing as a way to keep things fun and interesting.

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