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Top 10 positions for better sex

Ready for more satisfaction in the bedroom? Some positions are better than others for achieving a mind-blowing climax, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 sex positions that will help you have the best sex of your life.


The revved-up missionary

Lie flat on your back on the bed, but tilt your pelvis upward; use a pillow to prop you up if necessary. Have your partner stand at the edge of the bed while you rest your legs on his shoulders. This angle will allow for deep penetration and result in intense orgasms.


Standing at attention

Stand with your back toward your man. Bend over and have him enter you from behind. This position makes the vaginal walls tighter, and the angle of penetration will rub your G-spot. Plus, this is a hands-free position, which means it’s easy for one or both of you to play with your clitoris for even more stimulation.


Ride him, cowgirl

Have your guy lie on his back, and straddle his pelvic region. This position allows you to be in control for a better climax. Pump up and down on your own, or have your partner lift your hips to help out. Women’s Health suggests you can alter the sensation by adjusting your knees to be either closer or farther away from your partner’s body.


Reverse cowgirl style

Switch up being on top: Sit on your partner’s pelvic area, but face his feet instead. For a tighter fit, try placing your legs between his instead of straddling him. As with the standard cowgirl, you’ll be setting the pace and working the key areas needed to reach a mind-blowing orgasm.


Face down

Lie face down, and lift your hips slightly while your man supports himself with his arms or by lying on top of you. Being on your stomach while your partner penetrates you from on top has the benefit of better friction during intercourse, and you can stimulate your clitoris by rubbing it against the bed.


Spoon me now

Lie on your side, and have your man enter you from behind. For the best results, have your partner stay inside you instead of thrusting in and out, as the angle of penetration will provide constant stimulation to your G-spot, which is needed to have a powerful orgasm.


Tabletop pleasure

There’s nothing like taking sex out of the bedroom to add excitement your love life! Lie flat on your back on a countertop or table that is about the same height as your guy’s pelvis. Throw your legs over his shoulders, and rock it revved-up missionary style.


The lap dance

Have your partner get into a squatting position and rest on the balls of his feet while you sit facing him in his lap and wrap your legs around his waist. Per Men’s Health, this position is great for skin-to-skin contact and for stimulating the clitoral region.


Circus tricks

The list wouldn’t be complete without at least one contortionist type of manoeuvre similar to those only seen outside the bedroom by trained acrobats, so here’s one such position. Lie on your back, and bring your legs up and over so your feet touch the ground or bed behind your head, or tuck your feet behind your head if you can. Then have your partner squat over you and penetrate you from above. Women’s Health reports that the extra blood rushing to your head will increase your pleasure.



The coital alignment technique or CAT is a variation of the missionary position and touted as one of the most sexually satisfying positions. Lie on your back while your man enters you from on top. He should move his body upward so the base of his penis (his pelvic bone) makes contact with your clitoris. Both of you should rock your bodies simultaneously while maintaining constant pressure on your G-spot. Feel free to experiment with the technique, such as using pillows to lift your pelvis for deeper penetration.

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