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New tricks to try in the bedroom

If you feel like you’ve been doing a little too much sleeping in the bedroom, perhaps it’s time for a change. We’ve rounded up some tricks to experiment with that will surely bring the spark back to your private chambers.

Sexy woman whispering

The inner workings of a couple’s bedroom tend to be treated as sacred secrets cradled and hidden away from anyone’s view. You don’t want anyone to know the freakay thangs you do behind closed doors, right?

Regardless, we all need help sometimes. If your routine is getting a little mundane (with all due respect to the parties involved), unsatisfying or non-existent, why not mix it up?

We’re not exactly suggesting latex undergarments, chocolate sauce and mechanical contraptions (although you’re welcome to experiment). These are simple changes, spots and poses you can introduce to the lovin’ time to give it a little more oomph. Think of these as highlights for monotone hair, except for the bedroom.

Tricks for the mind

The mind is a fickle little thing, but it’s also gullible. If you’re not ready to dive into the world of candy undies and leather whips, perhaps these simple tricks will bring the spark back. Remember, the mind is stimulated by a challenge, so if things in bed are a bit too comfortable, you need to introduce change.

For example, if you are loyal to your bed, try the floor. If you’re an evening/night romper, try the morning. If you have happy hands, try using your tongue, teeth, lips and even breath. Use the left side of the bed instead of the right or vice versa. Use your mattress horizontally instead of vertically. These small alterations will catch your mind off guard and reinvigorate your senses. You’ll be surprised.

Meet sacrum

There is a magical, somewhat triangular bone at the base of the spine, wedged between two hipbones. This bone is the sacrum, and it is your friend. You see, the sacrum has numerous hollows in it, and if found and massaged, they prove to be advantageous for its recipient. The massage is not only relaxing, but is a potent arouser… That caught your attention, didn’t it? The hollows are located slightly above your tailbone and should be massaged by applying the pressure of your body weight. You can also place the balls of your hands on the sacrum and apply your weight. Throw in some oil and a smooth jazz tune, and you’ve got yourself a decent Saturday night with hubby/wifey.

braKeep them clothes on

So, we all know how to get naked. It’s pretty easy. But why not test your sexual savvy by keeping those clothes on? Agree with your partner to run the foreplay game wearing your undergarments the whole time. This is a licence to explore. You can tease, stroke and touch the fabric — whatever you’re feeling, within frames of legality. It adds intensity, excitement and intrigue, and builds the anticipation. The aftermath is sure to be passionate.

Stay mum about it

What is more exciting in the bedroom than a game? Nothing. So here’s the deal: Challenge your partner to keep quiet — no matter what you do to each other — during the entire lovemaking session. The arousal from and eroticism of hearing your partner’s breathing quicken, pulse elevate and feeble attempts at self-control are sure to bring you to a whole new level of pleasure. Try it out. Maybe prizes can be involved…

Shower in the dark

Certain safety precautions must be taken here, but you can figure it out, right? When your partner hops in the shower (hopefully with a grip mat), surprise him or her by joining in, but with the lights turned off. Now, give your partner a warning first! Don’t turn the lights off and jump on them in the dark on slippery surfaces. Maybe keep a single candle lit? The point is, the sensation of the running water and blind exploring will heighten your arousal and reawaken your sense of intrigue.

These are just some of many ideas worth trying out in the bedroom. Keep it new, evolving, intriguing and exciting, and always experiment! Let us know what you thought.

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