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Simple ways to show your love

Telling your man that you love him is important, but sometimes, words alone are not enough. Try these 10 simple, creative ways to show just how deep your love is

More than just the words

Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D. aka, “Dr. Romance” — psychotherapist and author of The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again — says couples often need to teach each other how to love in the way each wants to be loved. We talked to Tessina about the everyday actions and simple gestures that can affirm your love.



We tend to have knee-jerk negative responses to what he says or does, and we reply with “That won’t work…” or “We can’t do that…” When your partner wants to say something, keep your mind open and your mouth shut. “Listening and understanding is not the same as agreeing,” says Tessina. “When your spouse feels that you care about what he is saying, the nature of the communication will change for the better.”



When your man is talking to you, look him in the eyes and smile while you’re listening. He’ll automatically feel more understood and cared about. Communicating your attentiveness will change the feeling level of the discussion, says Tessina.



Never underestimate the power of touch. Sit near your partner and gently place your hand on his hand, shoulder, leg or arm. Touch him when you’re on the couch, at the dinner table, in the car. Hold hands. Your conversations will become warmer and more caring, and you’ll feel more positively connected and reassured.



Keep things light and have fun together. Use shared humor as a way to get through tough times. Your mate will think of you as someone soothing and helpful to have around when problems happen.


Giving surprises

Unexpected surprises remind your husband that you’re always thinking of him. Try a love note in his briefcase, a Post-it with a smiley face on the underside of the toilet seat, a card for no reason or an unexpected pat on his sexy rear, suggests Tessina. Every little surprise tells him, “I’m thinking good thoughts about you, and I love you.”

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