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Dealing with incontinence? 10 reasons to use an LBL pad

Suffering from light bladder leakage shouldn’t take over your life. And it doesn’t have to if you’re properly equipped to gain your old self back.

Dealing with LBL
Women with bladder issues

Ever since our teenage years, we’ve had to deal with “that time of the month,” stashing pads and tampons into our purses’ crevices, constantly asking friends to do a “check” to make sure nothing has leaked through. But can you imagine having to deal with leakage even after Mother Nature has run its monthly course?

Light bladder leakage (LBL) is experienced by many women, but this sometimes embarrassing problem doesn’t have to put an end to the leakage-free life you used to live. We’ve got 10 reasons you should opt for an LBL pad if you’re suffereing from urinary incontinence.


It’s not your period; don’t treat it like it is

Period pads are designed for periods, so stop using them for a leaky bladder, and get protection that will actually do its job properly.


More absorbent

With their special design, LBL pads won’t require you to ask your friends to “check” every couple of hours.



Forget about a soggy pad. LBL pads dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry about feeling like a toddler waiting to be changed again.



Put down the perfume bottle. No one can smell anything; you’re just psyching yourself out.


Enjoy your favourite activities again

Remember how you loved to dance or run around with your kids in the backyard? Urinary incontinence shouldn’t stop you from loving and participating in all these activities, and it definitely won’t if you opt for an LBL pad.


Wear your favourite clothes

Spotting is never on trend, but you can forget your worries and throw on that baring mini, because LBL pads will have your back with this one. Just because you suffer from a leaky bladder doesn’t mean you’re forced to live a life trapped in a pair of ill-fitting sweats.


Won’t take up room in your purse

LBL pads are discreet and small enough to not take up too much room in your purse.


They feel invisible

Wearing an LBL pad doesn’t have to feel like wearing a diaper. Forget all the notions you have about feeling like you’re a toddler again, and hop on the LBL pad train — you won’t regret it!


Forget the bathroom checks

If family road trips terrify you and you always check for the “ladies’ room” sign when you hit the clubs with your girlfriends, LBL pads are your new best friend! They’ll offer you the protection you need until you decide to use the bathroom again.


Regain control of your life

Don’t let a leaky bladder prevent you from living the life you loved before leakage symptoms decided to enter your life. By wearing LBL pads, you can take life back into your own hands and show Mother Nature who’s boss!

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