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5 Ways to protect urinary health

Talking about urinary health may be uncomfortable for some, but it’s time to get over your insecurities and learn how to protect this vital system.

How to protect this vital system
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To protect our circulatory system, we know it’s important to keep a balanced diet and exercise regularly. To protect our immune system, we remember to wash our hands and take our vitamins daily. But what do we do to protect our urinary system?

The urinary system is responsible for ridding the body of wastes we produce from the food and drinks we ingest. Though it plays such a vital role in our well-being, it doesn’t always get the lovin’ it deserves. So take a look at our five tips to protect your urinary health and ensure a happy and healthy bladder!

Keep hydrated

Drinking water is a no-brainer when trying to maintain your body’s optimal health. But it also has great benefits for your urinary health. Water helps to wash out excessive waste that can remain trapped within the kidneys and bladder. So the more you drink, the more you’ll have to use the bathroom, and the more bacteria will be flushed out of you.

Juice it up

We’ve all heard that cranberry juice can help ward off urinary infections, but is there any truth to the folk tale? Surprisingly there is. Cranberries contain a substance that prevents bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder, and scientists say that consuming a couple of glasses of this juice can help keep your bladder bacteria-free. Even if you’re not partial to the taste, we think its benefits outweigh the lingering taste left in your mouth. Your bladder will thank you for it.

Keep your lady parts clean

Proper hygiene is an essential (and simple) way to protect urinary health. Instead of taking baths, opt for showers, as they decrease your chances of contaminated water entering your urinary system. And don’t forget to clean yourself before and after sexual activity to limit the risk of infection and irritation to the urinary system.

Watch your diet

Eating foods high in fat can cause unwanted stress on the kidneys when trying to remove waste from your system. So refrain from eating too much of these fatty junk foods by replacing them with fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains. In addition to fatty foods, keep an eye on your salt intake, as too much salt throws off the salt and mineral balance in your kidneys.

Avoid feminine cleansing products

Any woman would be lying if she told you she doesn’t get self-conscious once in a while about staying clean and fresh down there. But did you know that the deodorant sprays, powders and douches you’re using are actually irritating and can lead to urinary infections? Stay away from them, and opt for warm water and mild soap instead.

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