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Easy and nutritious snacks for kids

Kids don’t like their vegetables, have a difficult time trying new foods, and would rather snack on a bowl of chips than something nutritious. Serve up these tasty treats, and you won’t ever hear complaints of nutritious snacks tasting gross.

Satisfy your picky eaters

Toss out the junk food, and take a look at our quick-to-prepare, nutritious snack ideas for kids that won’t seem like a chore for them to eat.

Cheesy quesadilla

After a long day at school or playing around outside, nothing is better than coming home to a warm, cheesy quesadilla. Toss some chicken and vegetables into a whole-wheat tortilla, and you won’t hear any complaints about this delicious snack.

Fruit and cheese kebabs

We all know food seems tastier if it looks more pleasing to the eye. So get creative: Cut some Canadian cheddar (or your favourite Canadian cheese) into star and heart shapes, and stick ’em on a kebab stick along with chunks of colourful fresh fruit (think strawberries, blueberries and cantaloupe). It’s a fun way to make fruits and cheese look more appealing.

Cheese and crackers

This classic is simple to prepare, and kids won’t hesitate to eat it. Just like with the kebabs, cut the Canadian cheese into funky shapes to make them more enticing to eat. Also try replacing the crackers with pretzels. Instead of using toothpicks to pick up the cheese, kids can use the pretzels to do it — a safe and edible option.

Cheese fondue

Make this cheesy sauce by thickening flour in butter; adding milk, some spices and shredded cheese; then cooking it over low heat until it thickens and the cheese melts. Your kids will have fun dipping fruits, vegetables, breads and meats into the concoction and won’t even realize what they’re eating is actually good for them.

Creamy fruit dip

It you’re looking to serve a sweet yet nutritious snack, why not surprise your kids with a creamy fruit dip? Mix some softened Canadian cream cheese with pureed berries and yogourt until it’s all one smooth texture. Serve it with their favourite fruits, such as melons, apples, grapes and berries.

Mini pizzas

Mini pizzas are a fun way to get your child involved in the preparation of their own snack. Prepare toppings such as grated Canadian cheddar along with vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and peppers ahead of time, and separate them into individual bowls. Using mini whole-wheat pitas, allow your child to spread their own sauce and add as much or as little of each topping as they desire.

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