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How to pick a cosmetic surgeon

You’re thinking of having a cosmetic procedure done, and of course you want it to be done right and to look great. Don’t simply open up a phone book and pick a doctor at random. Take your time researching to find the right professional for you.

Going under the knife
Woman getting a cosmetic surgery consultation

Choosing who to perform your cosmetic work is not a decision to made lightly. Here’s how to go about finding the right plastic surgeon for you.

Ask friends or family for referrals

If you’re being open about the work you’re looking to have done, it never hurts to ask friends and family for referrals. It’s very possible your aunt has had work done, and it’s so subtle you didn’t even realize it. Or your best friend might not have had any cosmetic surgery, but her colleague has and was thrilled with her doctor and the results.

Approach someone on the street who’s had work done

It may take a little nerve, but if you see someone who’s had cosmetic work done that you think looks absolutely fabulous, it’s worth finding out who performed the procedure. You may, of course, catch the person off guard, but if you keep your approach casual and polite, they’ll likely be amenable to answering your questions.

Visit the facility for a consultation

Once you have a short list, visiting the facility is a must so that you get a sense of the amenities available as well as input from the doctor. You’ll also want to know who will perform the actual procedure. If you’re having something non-invasive done, such as Botox, for example, some facilities may have nurses or other staff administer the injections at a lower rate. Decide if this is something you feel comfortable with. If you are, make sure for safety’s sake there is a medical doctor on staff who oversees the facility and trains the staff (some spas and clinics might simply have a doctor’s name on the door, but that medical director is rarely present).

Ask to see past work and/or images of what your results will look like

The doctor should have images of past cosmetic surgeries they’ve performed on file. They may also have clients who are willing to talk to patients considering having similar procedures, so take advantage of this and give them a call. You’ll get a firsthand account of what to expect. It may also make you feel more at ease if you’re able to envision what the results of your cosmetic work will look like. If so, seek out a doctor who has the technology to take your photo and digitally alter it to show you what you’ll look like after the procedure.

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