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How to start dating again

If you’ve gone through a breakup or divorce and now feel ready to start dating again, you may feel a bit confused as to how to break into the dating scene again. After all, it may have been years since you were single.

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Dating after divorce

After a breakup, you may find it hard to start dating again, but once you’re ready, these steps will help you ease back into the game.

Make sure you’re ready

Before you start dating up a storm, reflect and make sure you are indeed ready to date. Consider what space you’re in and if you’re truly open to the idea of a relationship with someone new. Regardless of whether your breakup was a tough one or amicable, a breakup represents a loss in your life and involves much change. Ask yourself whether you’ve healed from this turmoil, and consider what you’ve learned from that relationship that will help you find love now with someone else.

Go in open-minded and ready to be honest and able to trust

If you’ve been scarred by your last relationship, you may have issues with trusting another person with your emotions and may be guarded and closed off. But to welcome new love into your life, you must work at letting go of these concerns, or they’ll minimize your chances of finding the love you want. Also, don’t let that past relationship tarnish your thoughts and beliefs; resist judging a potential mate based on preconcieved notions based on your ex.

Let friends and family know you’re ready to date again

To increase your chances of meeting your next love, you need to increase your opportunities for meeting people. So be sure to let close colleagues, friends and family know you are ready to date again and are open to being set up. Of course, you can also try online dating or speed dating. Another option is to just make an effort to pursue other interests in general: Take that rowing or painting class you’ve always wanted to, for example. Getting out there in any way will have you meeting more people, and meeting more people ups the odds of meeting more potential mates.

Be patient

You may have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find that prince. And even if you do meet someone you have chemistry with, take your time. There’s no need to rush into anything. Taking it slow will help you discover this new person and feel sure that he is the right one for you.

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