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Best low-impact workouts

Whether you’re pregnant, elderly, overweight, new to exercise, dealing with chronic pain or recovering from an injury, high-impact exercise may not be an option for you. Fortunately there are some fabulous low-impact cardio activities for you to consider. Read on to find out how you can exercise in a way that’s healthy and safe for your particular situation.

Woman walking


For certain injuries, it is better to keep weight off the legs than to do a great deal of walking. But for many people, walking is a great way to exercise daily in a low-impact way. To get your heart rate up, try alternating between your regular walking pace and speeding things up a bit. If you’re up for an extra challenge, try walking up hills or stairs. You can also pump your arms to make it more of a full-body workout.

Stationary bike

Stationary cycling is a great option for many because most individuals have some experience with a bike. Plus, at-home bikes are less expensive than many other types of cardio equipment, so you can make exercising daily easily accessible. If you thrive in a group atmosphere, consider attending a spin class to get your cardio workout. Just be sure to go at your own pace and not push your body past what it can reasonably handle.

Swimming and water aerobics

The majority of fitness clubs and community pools hold some form of water aerobics class, and this is one opportunity to definitely capitalize on. The water provides a natural resistance that helps strengthen and develop your muscles without putting unnecessary stress on your bones and joints. Enjoy the sense of community that comes with working out in a group while still being able to take part at a level of intensity that is right for you. What if you don’t have access to classes or are not interested in aerobics? Then feel free to enjoy a few laps or to paddle recreationally around the pool. The water makes low-impact exercise easy to accomplish, so let it work for you!


If you’re looking for a low-impact cardio activity you can enjoy while catching up on your favourite TV show, the elliptical may be for you. It provides all the benefits that come with running, but isn’t as hard on your muscles and joints. Plus, you are completely in control of the intensity, so you can make your workout as hard or as easy as your body will allow. Dozens of elliptical machines are available for use at most gyms, and many of them have a TV for your entertainment built right in. So snag yourself a cheap fitness club membership, and get moving!

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