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Sports we wish were included in London 2012


We’re looking forward to watching the Summer Games, but we can’t help but wish some other sports and activities were part of the competition.

Fun sports on our wish list
Family playing mini golf

We love watching the gymnastics, the swimming, the running — there’s so much we love about the Olympics. We get swept up and inspired by the incredible athletes — the best in the world! But sometimes when we watch, we wish there were other sports and activities included. Don’t you? Here are a few we think would be fun additions.

Miniature golf

Although we get completely wrapped up in, say, the diving competitions, and are in complete awe of the feats these incredible athletes accomplish, sometimes we think it might be fun to watch a sport we’ve actually played — such as miniature golf — so we can truly relate. How fun would it be to watch an elite athlete master that windmill hole with all the seriousness and determination that competing in the Summer Games calls for?


Having watched CrossFit competitions and the impressive strength and fitness of anyone doing this intense workout, we could see (and would want to see) this sport actually being included in the Games. It’s certainly as athletic a pursuit as many of the sports that are featured.

Pole dancing

If you’ve ever taken a pole dancing class, you understand the degree of core strength, flexibility and coordination this activity actually calls for. If you forget about the stripper association, pole dancing is as athletic and aesthetically pleasing as many of the gymnastics competitions or the synchronized swimming. In fact, come to think of it, how different is it from the balance beam? Unfortunately, given its raunchy origins, we doubt pole dancing could ever become a competitive sport in the Games.


If BMX and snowboarding are part of the Olympics, why not surfing? The feats pro surfers can accomplish are breathtaking! This would be one competition we’d definitely be sure to watch. We’d take it over table tennis any day.


We couldn’t get enough of jumping rope when we were little girls, and we even occasionally do it now (albeit without the singing along) as part of our workouts (it’s a fantastic cardio exercise). But serious jump ropers have some serious skills and coordination, and who can resist the beauty of great double dutch skippers?

Hula hooping

Much like skipping, this too is a childhood favourite of ours. Hula hooping calls for some good cardio strength, a strong core, and just the right hooping technique. Keeping that hoop up and going isn’t as easy as it looks!

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