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Easy ways to feel more energetic

Having more pep in our step is something we can all easily achieve. Here are some habits you can adopt to have more energy.

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We all go through times in our lives when we feel rundown and low on energy. When you experience this sluggishness, try some of these suggestions to give yourself a boost, and before you know it, you may find you have more of a spring in your step.

Sleep more

The most obvious way to have more energy is to get more rest. You may simply be feeling rundown, and more zzz’s will do you wonders. Make sleep a priority; this means not watching that television show or picking up that book, but rather turning off the lights and getting into bed so you can enjoy more time in sweet slumber.


It seems counterintuitive that when you’re feeling low on energy, you should do something that requires expending energy. But working out will get your heart pumping, strengthen your body and increase the oxygen flowing through your body, all of which will leave you feeling more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Drink water

When you feel a bit tired and foggy, sipping some water can help. Often headaches and what we interpret as hunger are simply your body letting you know you’re dehydrated. You can get hydrated by drinking other fluids too, along with eating foods high in water content (such as juicy fruits like oranges), but avoid beverages that contain alcohol or caffeine, as both dehydrate the body.

Snack on healthy foods

Eating every two to three hours can help keep your metabolism humming along nicely. Plus, you’ll be more able to resist caving in to eating junk foods, which will only send you on a roller coaster sugar high followed by a crash. Snacks with protein so you feel a sense of fullness are ideal. Think Greek yogourt, a handful of nuts or trail mix or a small, whole-grain, peanut butter sandwich.

Breathe better

Many of us breathe quite shallowly. Practicing your breathing so that you come to take long, deep breaths will help give you some zest. Breathing provides your body with the oxygen it needs, and providing that oxygen efficiently translates into a more energetic you. Start by practicing deep breathing for a minute (add more time if you want once you get into the habit). Eventually you’ll naturally breathe more deeply.

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