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5 Must-have bags

Have you ever put together the perfect outfit only to discover you don’t have a bag that complements it? Lacking the ideal purse is frustrating! That’s why we share these five bags that will fill all your fashion needs.

Over-the-shoulder satchel

A satchel is your best friend on a casual day. You can easily fit all your important items in one, but it doesn’t look heavy or over-sized. The crossbody strap on Jay Manuel’s crossbody handbag distributes the weight well so you can stride all over town with ease. Plus, the fact that it’s available in two neutral shades means you can strut around with it wearing just about any outfit.

Attitude satchel

Jay Manuel Flap Crossbody Handbag (Sears, $20)

Small clutch

Sometimes you need to feel like a lady, and a clutch is the perfect choice for just that. It’s your opportunity to leave those heavier items that bulk up your purse at home, amalgamate your cash, cards and lip gloss and head out on the town feeling a whole lot lighter. Something along the lines of ALDO’s Yackeren clutch is both glamorous and neutral, which means it can be worn with a variety of outfits and still give you an extra pop of style. Plus it has an optional crossbody strap for when you need to free up your hands.

Aldo clutch

Yackeren Clutch (ALDO, $15)

Carry-all tote

When you have a series of errands to run or a variety of items to carry with you throughout the day, you need a bag that can conveniently hold it all. But it’s no fun going through the day lugging a duffle bag or backpack around. Instead, turn to the stylish convenience of a carry-all tote. Something along the lines of Nine West’s large and tall tote is great because it pairs style and usefulness perfectly.

Nine West tote

Nine West One Stop Shopper (Nine West, $48)

Professional purse

When you have important documents to carry with you, it’s nice to have a bag that is big enough to hold it all and secure enough to keep your paperwork looking pristine. And it doesn’t hurt to have a purse on hand that gives you the confidence boost that comes with looking professional. The purse you select will depend on the type of career you have or are hoping for, but with so many stylish options, like this Tillary tote, you’re sure to find the perfect fit!

Professional purse

Tillary tote (J.Crew, $328)

The fun bag

Let’s face it: Having bags for every conceivable use is important, but it’s also nice to have some fun every once in a while. You have a right to show off your unique style, and a bag is a great way to do that. This bag is crucial for no other reason than it gives you some funky flair, so make sure you pick one you’ll be eager to throw over your shoulder at any moment. Try to avoid styles simply because they’re “in” at the moment; instead, look for a bag you know you’ll want to hold on to for years to come!

Kate Spade bag

Kate Spade Coconut Grove (Kate Spade, $200)

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