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Fun fitness at the cottage

Although tanning on the dock and munching on barbecued treats are important components of time spent at the cottage, filling your getaway with fitness activities can also make for an enjoyable experience. Read on to discover some fun ways you can stay healthy and active at the cottage this summer.

Hiking couple


Walking in the city can get a little tedious after a while. You get used to the same sights, the same paths and the same people. But many new and exciting options are available to you in cottage country. Whether you find a hiking path, trek through the forests or even walk along the side of the road, you’re bound to come across trees, bugs, plants and other wildlife you’ve never seen or heard of before. Pack some healthy snacks to keep your energy up, and enjoy your journey within the natural world.

Cottage upkeep

Keeping the cottage looking as glorious as ever can be tiresome. There are gardens to weed, trees to trim, leaves to rake and on the list goes. But all those tasks you’ve considered frustrating can be great opportunities to stay fit. Livestrong reports that a 150-pound person burns close to 300 calories in an hour of raking, and gardening burns a little under that amount. And it doesn’t have to be a bore! Play some music, or enlist some friends and family to work with you. Between the health benefits and the aesthetic quality your cottage will gain, what have you go to lose?

Fun swim

At home you may get in the water only to swim a couple of laps or to attend an aquafit class, but there’s far more fun to be had in the water at the cottage. Consider buying a few inexpensive water items, such as pool noodles or an inflatable ball, to make your time by the lake extra fun. Whether you spend the day playing a friendly game of water polo, racing friends to the other side of the lake or just bobbing around in the sun, you’ll have a blast while maintaining your fitness at the same time.


Every cottage is different in terms of what kind of water devices are available. Do you have access to a canoe, rowboat, kayak or windsurf board? Or does a neighbour who wouldn’t mind lending you one? Have you considered investing in a second-hand one? Paddling through the water is an exceptional way to work out your arms and core, and it’s also a fun way to see more of the lake and catch up with a friend or family member in a unique setting.

Water skiing or wakeboarding

If you have access to a motorboat, water skiing and wakeboarding are incredible forms of exercise. They require both full body strength and balance as well as sheer determination. Getting the hang of these activities can take time, but the workout you’ll get and the pride in your new-found skill are certainly worth the effort.

Yoga by the water

Whether or not you enjoy yoga in your day-to-day life, it’s definitely worth trying at the cottage. Rather than being squished into a tiny room with 20 other sweating individuals, you can enjoy your relaxation session just about anywhere. Spread out a towel or your mat (if you have one) on the dock or beach, and enjoy a yoga experience like no other. Not sure how to get started? Check out a basic yoga program for some ideas on postures and sequences that might work for you.

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