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Summer Games inspiration for healthier living

Excited about the upcoming Summer Games? Use them to inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. It may just be the motivation you need.

Working out with a personal trainer

Are you planning to watch as many of the Summer Games as you can? It’s always so exciting to see those elite athletes compete. But don’t just park yourself in front of the television to watch the games. Instead, why not use your passion for the Olympics to motivate and inspire you to live the healthy lifestyle the athletes do? Here are five ways you can follow their lead.

Set challenging goals

These athletes have been practicing and training to compete for most of thelr lives, and they’ll soon be competing on the world stage in their quest for gold. You may not reach their level, but that doesn’t mean setting challenging goals won’t help you stay motivated and on track. Don’t just list “run a marathon” on your bucket list; train and run a marathon this fall, for example.

Drink plenty of water

Hydration is a critical part of athletes’ training regimens. To ensure their bodies are performing at their best, athletes make drinking enough water a regular part of their day. Buy a refillable bottle, and keep it with you always; you may find you naturally start sipping from it throughout the day.

Sleep so you’re well rested

These athletes train hard, and getting plenty of rest is just as important for their bodies as building strength and endurance is. Don’t expect your body to be able to make it through the day as well as it could if you sleep only a few hours each night. Go to bed at a decent hour, and get the rest your body needs.

Train with experts

Olympic athletes have teams of trainers to help them reach their goal of winning a medal. You can gain motivation and expertise if you develop your own team of expert help. Hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to help develop a fitness plan for you. Use your health benefits from work, and see a nutritionist or dietitian for their professional help in developing an eating plan to meet your diet goals.

Keep a health journal

The athletes competing in the Summer Games have a team of pros who undoubtedly track their progress with notes, video recordings and more. Tracking your progress when it comes to your diet or fitness can be immensely motivating. Imagine how great you’ll feel when you see how much weight you’ve lost from week to week or know your pace for swimming a lap has become significantly faster. Information on your progress will help you see how your hard work is paying off as well as allow you to identify what went wrong on days when your performance was off.

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