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Train like an Olympic athlete

Take a cue from the world’s elite athletes to help inspire a better workout and lifestyle for yourself.

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You may not be one of the world’s top athletes (even though you may think you could be when watching the Summer Games), but you can follow some of the same healthy habits they follow in their training that have set them on the road to winning a medal. You may not win a medal and stand on a podium at the Games, but you’ll win when it comes to your health and fitness by following these smart strategies.

Get enough sleep

Many of us could use more sleep, but there’s so much to get done, sometimes we can’t help but cut an hour or two here and there. But you can bet the athletes get enough sleep by making sleep time a priority. We all need this downtime to recuperate.

Eat a well-balanced diet

Fuel your body regularly (every three hours or so), and make sure your diet includes complex carbohydrates and protein. Your energy stores will be replenished by the carbs, while the protein will help your sore muscles recover after a workout.

Warm up and cool down properly

Do you tend to jump straight into your workout, skipping a warm-up, and then after, a cool-down? Even if you’re pressed for time, ensure you include some sort of warm-up before and cool-down afterward, or you’ll risk injuring yourself. Dynamic stretches will help get your body ready for the workout you’ll be demanding of it, and static stretches afterward will help your muscles recover more quickly.

Have a mantra

Know why you’re doing the exercise you’re doing. Athletes competing in the Summer Games have mantras to psychologically keep their heads in the game. So take the time to understand your motivations and goals for your fitness regimen. Maintain your focus and positive thinking by choosing a mantra to help you get through rough workout days.

Train with a partner

Athletes preparing to compete in the Summer Games often train together. Follow suit, and you’ll be more motivated to work out when you have a buddy who will be there and who will notice if you don’t show up. Plus, you may even find you and your friend will become a bit of a competitive. Place wagers if you want to add a competitive nature to your workout routine. If you both run, for example, establish a prize that will go to whoever runs the most distance in one month.

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