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What are the symptoms of adult ADHD?

We often hear about attention deficit disorder as it relates to children, but it is indeed something adults are diagnosed with too. How to tell if you have it? Here are some of the more common symptoms.

Woman who can't stay focused

Although we often think of attention deficit disorder (ADD) as something children suffer from, it’s a condition adults can be afflicted with too. In fact, if you were diagnosed as having ADD when you were a child, you may still have some symptoms now, but given that not all children are diagnosed, it is possible you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and not know it. Here are some common symptoms.

You can’t stay focused

You try to do one task but can easily find yourself distracted by the slightest thing. You get bored easily and may even tune out of a conversation right in the middle of it. Even simple tasks become a hardship.

You become overly focused

While you can become easily distracted (see above), with adult ADHD, you may also become super concentrated on a particular project when it’s rewarding. This is called hyperfocus. For example, you may get so deeply immersed in your book that you lose track of time and forget to do tasks you had to do that day.

You’re disorganized and everything runs out of control

You have a hard time managing your schedule, and everything is always chaotic. Your office desk is a disaster, and you’re late meeting people and deadlines. You also have a bad memory; you forget about meetings and can never remember where you parked your car or where you left your glasses.

You get frustrated easily

You have difficulty managing your emotions when it comes to anger. You may be fine one moment and irritable the next. Even a small incident can cause you to become flustered and stressed.

You have an impulsive nature

You may blurt out things when it’s not appropriate to. For example, you may share your view in a meeting at an inopportune time. Furthermore, what you do share may be rude. There’s an impatience to this streak of yours as well, so you rush through things rather than take the time to do them properly.

You’re fidgety

You are often restless, so sitting still is hard for you, and you may talk a lot. You multi-task to the point where it’s excessive. Your train of thought is constantly going at a million miles a minute.

If these symptoms sound like something you experience regularly, talk to your doctor. It’s important to get diagnosed, because adult ADHD is often associated with other disorders.

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