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6 First date topics to avoid

We all want to make a good impression on a first date. Unfortunately all the anticipation and excitement can cause less-than-ideal topics to be broached. Make sure you have the best possible first date experience by avoiding these risky subjects.

First date

Past relationships

There’s no good way to mention an ex on a first date. If you say something negative, you sound bitter, and if you say something positive, your date may worry you are holding on to old feelings. If you want to talk about relationships, focus on friends and family who are important to you rather than bring up the subject of past lovers.

Unpleasant subjects

Although being able to share with your partner which people and topics upset you, it’s no way to start a relationship. When you spend a first date venting or telling sad stories, you’ll come off as a drag. Because this is your date’s first impression of you, getting caught up in unpleasant subjects can cause you to seem like a negative thinker. So focus on the positive, and avoid topics that get you down.

Weird habits

As human beings, we are all unique. Quirky interests and habits can become attractive to a partner when that person has had time to get to know you, but reveal them too soon, and they may turn someone off on a first date. Your partner will eventually find out you love peeling your split ends apart or picking dirt out from under your nails, but a potential partner doesn’t have to know that on the first date.

Marriage and kids

Talking about what each of you wants for yourselves in the future is important, but such serious topics don’t have to be discussed on a first date. Your date may think you’re getting too serious too quickly, and that can be intimidating. You don’t have to be afraid of talking about it once you’ve gotten a little more serious, but try not to jump the gun.


FInances are an important aspect of a relationship, but talking about them on a first date can quickly cause one or both of you to feel uncomfortable. A first date is too soon to know too much about how much money each of you makes and how you feel about spending it. So keep your cool, and wait a few dates before bringing up the subject.

You — all the time

Now this is a tricky one, since you have to talk about yourself for your date to be interested. But talking about yourself constantly can make you seem self-centred and cause your date to feel the two of you have no connection. When you feel as though you’ve been going on about yourself for too long, ask your date a question. Rather than focusing too much on either one of you, try to build a conversation with a natural flow together. When conversation flows back and forth equally, you have the best chance of getting to know each other and building a solid connection.

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