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Tips for making a long-distance relationship work

Since you see each other rarely, dating long distance calls for its own ways to keep the passion and connection strong. Here’s how to keep close even when you’re far apart.

Long distance love

All relationships take work from both people involved, but long-distance relationships have the added factor of not being with each other often to deal with. Here are some tips on how to keep the relationship going strong.

Visit as often as possible

Whoever said “absence makes the heart grow fonder” likely never dated anyone long distance. While some time apart is healthy for any couple, extended periods of time apart are hard on a relationship. You need time together, after all, to get to know each other more, to bond and share moments. So getting together as often as your budgets and schedules allow is ideal.

Keep in touch regularly

Thanks to Skype and texting and email, staying in regular communication is easier than ever. Video chat when you can (so you don’t forget what he looks like and vice versa), and the occasional text to let him know you’re thinking of him will be a nice treat (make it a sexy message if you want to spice things up).

Plan virtual dates

Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. Perhaps you can both watch the latest episode of Dexter while in video chat, or battle it out against each other through online gaming.

Send care packages to each other

Is there a local coffee he can’t get enough of when he’s in town? Surprise him by sending him some in the mail. These little treats are exciting to give and receive, and they’ll help keep the excitement alive when you can’t be together even though you want to be.

Trust each other

For a long-distance relationship to work, you have to trust each other. If you tend to be the jealous type and when he’s not around to take your call has you questioning where he is and who he’s with, then your relationship will never work out.

Discuss long-term plans

If you two are serious about each other, some talk about what the future holds is in order, or you may both become disenchanted with the notion of the other not being there. At least with a look toward a future together, you have something joyous in mind rather than focusing on how hard it is to be apart.

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