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Ways to push yourself at your next spin class

Taking a spin class is a fabulous form of exercise. But despite the blaring music and your instructor’s forceful encouragement, sometimes you perform at less than what you are capable of. We share some tips on how to make the most of your workout.


Sit front and centre

Sometimes being able to hide behind a row or a pillar is enough to make you not worry about keeping up with the instructor. But when you pick a spin bike that’s front and centre, you are within everyone’s line of sight, and that can be just the motivation you need to push yourself that extra bit harder.

Create your own competition

As human beings, we are competitive creatures. And that can be very helpful when it comes to performing at your best. If there’s someone in your class you’ve always noticed is particularly tough, or if you’re in a new class and spot an individual who’s really pushing themselves, create your own mini-race against that person. Challenge yourself to keep your legs moving just as quickly, and if you can spot how high they’ve turned up the tension, test yourself to meet that level.

Take it up a notch

The unique quality of a spin class is you are entirely in control of how high you take the tension. And unlike other classes, such as kick-boxing or step, where it is glaringly obvious if you aren’t keeping up with the intensity of everyone else, it is far easier to cheat a little bit when spinning. To ensure you constantly push yourself harder, perform the instructor’s instructions as given even if they seem impossible. If your instructor asks you to turn the knob a full turn, do so. If you find it’s too much to maintain after a little while, permit yourself to turn it down again, but pushing yourself to at least try to get your tension high can be beneficial over time.

Pick a focal point

When you go to a spin class with half a dozen things you want to work on, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Instead of trying to improve on everything, pick one focal point, and aim to do your best at that one thing. Whether it’s improving your speed, increasing your tension or developing your technique, select a single challenge, and drive yourself to achieve it for the duration of the class.

Bring a friend

No one likes to feel like the weakest link. The need to show others we can keep up and even exceed expectations is engrained in us. That’s why bringing a friend along can really help. Ask a friend to come with you to your spin class, and set yourselves up next to each other. You’ll have an extra bit of fun working together, and having someone you want to impress so close will help you push even harder than you ever thought possible.

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